Scarness Beach lights and cameras 'brilliant for safety'

AFTER seeing a car reverse over the pedestrian crossing in busy traffic, Maddigan's Seafood manager Louise Smith knew there was a need for better surveillance in the area.

Since hearing of the Fraser Coast Regional Council's plan to introduce more security cameras in the area and floodlights to Scarness beach, she's thrown her full support behind it.

Ms Smith said she wanted to see a similar plan come to the Torquay area to boost safety.

"It's a brilliant idea for safety - the cameras will help curb anti-social behaviour. If other people are watching they're more likely to behave," she said.

"Just before Christmas we had an incident involving someone reversing on the pedestrian crossing at a busy time; our cameras out the front couldn't get a good picture.

"So those extra cameras would help with issues like that."

The proposal, moved by Denis Chapman at last week's council meeting, will see at least six floodlights installed along a section of Scarness beach, along with a number of security cameras in key traffic areas.

The motion was unanimously carried by councillors.

Ms Smith also said the Torquay area would benefit from more foot traffic if the beach lights were introduced, people were more likely to buy food if they could sit in a lit area.

"Even now, it gets dark quite early, so more people will come out for food at that time if the lights are installed," she said.

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