A TINANA man believes the lives of schoolchildren are being put at risk as they ride to and from school on Iindah West Rd.

Mitch Meyers said he worried about the safety of his son and other children as there was no pavement to ride their bikes on for a lengthy stretch of the road.

Mr Meyers said cars were also put in a dangerous position, as when children road their bikes on the side of the road, the cars had to move a significant distance away, often over the double white lines, in order to maintain the legal distance of 1.5 metres away from the bikes riders.

Mr Meyers believed it was only a matter of time until an accident happened.

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He said in the morning and after school were particular danger periods, with heavy traffic on the road and a high number of children cycling home from school.

Mr Meyers said the problem could be solved with a footpath down the side of the road for the children to cycle on, which would ensure they would not have to ride near the traffic.

That would also mean the cars would not have to cross the double white lines to avoid the cyclists, Mr Meyers said.

He was hopeful a councillor from the Fraser Coast Regional Council would visit the site during peak traffic at 3pm after school and see the danger for themselves.

"Something needs to be done," Mr Meyers said.

Attempts were made to contact Division 2 councillor Phil Truscott yesterday, but he could not be reached for comment ahead of deadline yesterday.

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