'Scooter hoon' runs over tot

SEEING the wheels of a mobility scooter run over her grandson's little legs, a terrified Sheryl Gower was sure the boy would be crushed.

Ms Gower had seen the vehicle coming toward them and reached out for her grandson's hand.

She was a moment too late.

Paul, 3, was thrown to the ground and scooped under the side of the scooter, being driven by an elderly woman.

If that wasn't bad enough, Ms Gower says, the driver didn't even stop to see if the boy was alright.

“I'm just appalled at how she never stopped to give me her name and address,” she said.

“He's just a baby.

“Even if you hit a dog on the side of the road you are supposed to stop and offer assistance.

“How could you run over a little toddler like that and just take off?”

Police are searching for the scooter driver, who left the scene at the Station Square Shopping Centre bus stop in Maryborough on Thursday.

Ms Gower said she'd been enjoying a day at the markets with her grandson before the incident occurred about 10am.

Shocked, it took her a few seconds to register what had happened and by the time she'd picked Paul up, the scooter hoon was nearly gone.

“I went into shock, I couldn't speak,” she said.

“Paul was screaming and crying.

“She was going quite fast, that's why I turned to grab Paul's hand.

“It wasn't bad enough she knocked him down, she had to run over him as well.

“I could understand if Paul ran out in front of her, but he didn't. He was standing with me.

“No one else was on the footpath but she couldn't even drive around us.”

Ms Gower says no one rushed to her aid or even tried to stop the woman.

Only one man offered to help carry Paul to the doctor.

“No one else came to help but that's society today - no one cares,” she said.

Paul was taken to the hospital for x-rays and given the all-clear, to the relief of his grandmother.

But, it could've been a lot worse, she said.

“He's bruised all over his legs and his knee's puffed up,” Ms Gower said.

“The doctor said we're very lucky it didn't break his legs.

“And the police were absolutely shocked that she didn't stop.

“I'm scared she's going to go out there and do it to somebody else.”

Ms Gower said the driver was aged in her late 60s, with dark greying hair tied in a ponytail and wearing big round sunglasses.

“These mobile scooters think they just own the whole footpath,” she said.

“One nearly knocked me down once and I had to jump out of the way.

“I suppose they've got to be out in society but they've got to learn to slow down or at least drive to one side of the road.”

Anyone with information or who saw the incident should call police or Crime Stoppers.

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