Readers react to call for scooter ban

READERS have sent us a flood of responses to yesterday's front page story in which a concerned mother called for a ban on mobility scooters in shopping centres.

A small number called for tolerance and pointed out that not all scooter riders were a problem, but many more told of being hit or nearly hit themselves by scooter users who do not follow the rules.

The surge of responses, on our Facebook page and website, suggest that the Fraser Coast does indeed have a problem with dangerous use of the scooters.

Here is a small selection of the comments:

"They really do need a set of rules for them whilst in a shopping centre. I had one hit my hubby in the ankles because he wasn't going fast enough for her." - Marie Barnes

"My kids nearly got knocked down in Stocklands; the man was driving so fast giving us a dirty look." - Sarah Cohen

"I got told to get out of the way and she rammed me with it at Big W in Maryborough." - Kaza Thompson

"Barely any of the people who drive these in Maryborough pay attention to those rules. I have had so many near misses. And they go a lot faster then 10k." - Sandra Taynton-Bull

"Most of them go flat out everywhere they go. So dangerous!" - Trudi Edwards

"No one in their right mind would criticise the vast majority of scooter operators who abide by the law, respect common decency and have respect for pedestrians. It's those that make it bad for everyone that need to be brought into line." - tstevens, Woowoonga

"I've seen soo many near misses and accidents on these it's not funny. The drivers either do not know the rules for them or do not care. They use them as cars and as bicycles on both the road and footpaths with no regard for others' safety." - Matthew Simmons

"With brand names like 'Breeze IV Silver Cloud' it's no wonder some of them are the terror of the shopping centres!" - Des Thompson

"I was hurt by one as a kid in McDonald's. Some people need to learn how to use them better." - Kortzz Jones-Jeffries

"They need to set some rules. We've been hit a couple of times when my son was in a pram and stroller." - Tracey Marie Taylor

"Some of them are so rude and even on the pedestrian crossings they don't even stop and look if a car is coming, they just dash straight out." - Pamela Kruger-Truscott

"The problem lies in the attitude of some mobility scooter drivers. Spoil it for the decent ones." - Noelene Kemmis Hunt

"Sadly the minority of inconsiderate users make life difficult for the majority of responsible users." - Sue Brooks

"It would appear I'm not the only one who has had an encounter and been abused when it wasn't even my fault. - Melody Taylor

"Was at Eli Waters last week when an elderly lady on a scooter flew into chairs and tables just inside the entrance to a coffee shop. The chairs and table went flying." - grandoceanviews, Hervey Bay

"They should be set to travel no faster than a moderate walking pace. They are meant to replace walking, not a taxi." - tsevens, Woowoonga

"As someone who uses a mobility scooter on occasion in shopping centres, I can see both sides of this argument. Of course, anyone using a scooter needs to be super aware of everyone around them and to be careful, but I also find that adults in the shopping centres are often very unaware of me in the scooter. So often people randomly step out in front of me or just suddenly stop. The scooters do not have actual brakes so they roll to a stop." - JennieB, Hervey Bay

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