Search to find missing relative

EDDIE AND Norma Mayocchi have never met Sadie and Deirdre Elizabeth Isaksen.

But the Townsville couple believe Mrs Isaksen and her daughter Deirdre — Mrs Mayocchi's cousin — could help them put missing names to the faces on their family album.

The problem is that they don't know how to find the Isaksens, and the only clue they have is that the family may have lived in the Maryborough area in the 1940s or 1950s.

After Mrs Mayocchi's father Norman Wilson lost contact with his sister Sadie Wilson several decades ago, Mr and Mrs Mayocchi have done their own research into the Wilson family's heritage.

They discovered that Mrs Mayocchi's aunt Sadie married Julius Peter Isaksen on December 21, 1939, at Ipswich.

On September 6, 1941, the couple had a daughter called Deirdre Elizabeth Isaksen, and they are believed to have moved to the Maryborough area shortly afterwards.

“Deirdre Elizabeth's family appeared to have come from Maryborough,” Mr Mayocchi said.

He said Deirdre might be the one person capable of identifying the relatives in numerous family photos belonging to the Mayocchis, as his wife's mother has passed away.

Deirdre's last name might have been altered by marriage, but the Mayocchis hope someone in the Maryborough area may remember the Isaksen family and might know where Deirdre is now.

“If somebody could contact me about where Deirdre Elizabeth is, we'd be so happy to get in touch with her,” he said.

“There are so many questions that we want answered.”

Anyone with information regarding Deirdre Elizabeth Isaksen can contact the Fraser Coast Chronicle who will inform the Mayocchi family. Telephone 4120 0486.

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