SERIAL STALKER: 'I'll cut you into little pieces'

HE SEEMED like just another dad at school pick up but by the end of their romance, Andrew David McPherson's new partner had been forced into hiding amid fears he would kill her.   

Maryborough District Court heard McPherson was a single father who had formed a relationship with a woman at school.   

When it was over, she fell victim to prolonged stalking and chilling death threats.   

McPherson was said to have contacted her more than 1500 times through a mix of emails, text messages and phone calls over a five-month period.  

He pleaded guilty to stalking and using a carriage service to threaten to kill.   

In one of his many messages, the 48-year-old, pictured, threatened to decapitate his victim.   

"It may happen today, it could happen tonight, maybe in a couple of days," the message said.  

"Whatever way you look at it, I'm going to cut you up into little pieces.  

"You're dead. I'm dead. So we're both going to die."  

He warned the mother to make arrangements for her daughter because she was going to die.    

The victim first complained to police about her harasser in July last year, but it wasn't until Christmas Day last year, after he told her "it's time to start the game", that he was finally arrested.  

McPherson would also message the woman to let her know he was nearby.   

Texts included "I'm watching you ... do you see me?  

"You are such an easy target."   

The court heard this latest victim wasn't the only woman to have been tormented by McPherson.    

He was also sentenced for stalking his former long-term wife.   

A family dispute prompted McPherson to hurl a tirade of violent messages at her.   

He told his former partner to not bother getting ready for Christmas as "everybody will be dead by then".   

Judge Brian Devereaux described McPherson's behaviour as "seriously criminal".  

Defence barrister Paul Rutledge, representing McPherson, told the court the former driller did not ever have intentions of carrying out the threats.   

McPherson was sentenced to three years in jail, to be released on parole after serving 15 months.   

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