Serial toilet peeper jailed for sexual assault

A JUDGE put community protection first when he sent a manicurist to jail for a toilet peeping compulsion that escalated to sexually assaulting a massage client.

Judge Milton Griffin said although he was not sentencing Duy Hung Tran, 38, for previously spying on young women while lurking in public toilets, he was worried about the way the behaviour had progressed.

After wrestling with the sentence overnight, Judge Griffin told Brisbane District Court he found the case troubling but decided not to allow Tran another chance on probation.

He said two years jail was appropriate but reduced the term to 18 months to account for Tran's efforts to rehabilitate through counselling with a Toowoomba psychologist.

Tran can apply for parole after he had served half the sentence. He has already served 169 days behind bars.

"There was absolute determination in the way you pursued this assault," Judge Griffin said.

"It appears you were quite unstoppable."

In the latest offence, Tran rubbed the girl's breasts and genitals under her clothing during the massage and would not let her leave when she protested.

Saliva on the woman's breasts was later used to source DNA to prove the subsequent complaint.

Mr Griffin said a psychologist report revealed Tran suffered from gender identity issues and sexual dysfunction disorders.

Tran was jailed for six months last year for using his phone camera to try to film a 21-year-old woman using the facilities at the Southern Hotel in Toowoomba.

He has previously spied on two other girls, aged 14 and 18, in separate incidents, also in public toilets.


  • Watched 14-year-old girl through gap in toilet cubicle at McDonald's restaurant.
  • 18-year-old pharmacy assistant in shopping centre toilets sees him peering into her cubicle.
  • Tells nail client at his salon she is beautiful. Inappropriately grabs her arm and thigh and then kisses her on cheek.
  • Tries to film 21-year-old woman in hotel toilets using his mobile phone.
  • Sexually assaults18yo massage client at his salon.

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