Vicki Blackburn with a photo of Shandee when she was in Las Vegas.
Vicki Blackburn with a photo of Shandee when she was in Las Vegas. Tony Martin

Murder victim Shandee Blackburn’s mum calls for support

SIX months after the murder of her 23-year-old daughter Shandee, Vicki Blackburn is starting an unofficial support group for those affected by homicide in the hope that no family member will be as unprepared for the aftermath as she was.

"People have said to us that six months is a long time and I say no, it's just begun," Ms Blackburn said.

"We've got a life sentence.

"Not only to be without Shandee, which is hard enough, but to remember what she went through and the horror she must have felt."

Shandee Blackburn was murdered, and left on Boddington St, while walking home from a shift at Harrup Park Country Club on February 9.

Ms Blackburn said there was no support group or counselling service in Mackay dedicated to assisting the families of homicide victims.

"You just start getting bombarded with awful situations that come out of the blue and you have no idea what's going to happen next," she said.

"Things like talking to the coroner's office or receiving the death certificate in the mail.

"I want people to have a support group they can talk to about those moments or organise to have someone around during those time so they can be more prepared.

"Anything awful, if you can prepare for it beforehand it makes it a little bit easier."

After six months of "horrible moments", Ms Blackburn said she had her "good days and bad days".

"Sometimes I'm good and sometimes I just fall to pieces but everything we're doing now we do for Shandee," she said.

"The recent Wanted episode about Shandee's murder really highlighted Mackay for this horrible crime and we want people to know that the community isn't like that and their support has shown that Mackay isn't like that either."


  •  The walk will start tonight at Harrup Park Country Club at 7
  •  The Blackburns will also be in the city tomorrow night with Mackay's Crime Prevention Unit to hand out Shandee wristbands and bookmarks.



THE Mackay community will once again join Shandee Blackburn's family and friends on a walk in memory of the 23-year-old woman whose life was viciously cut short this year.

Shandee's mum, Vicki Blackburn, said she would be on hand after the walk with an organ donation spokesperson to chat with people. Ms Blackburn has worked to promote organ donation after her daughter's wish to be a donor couldn't be granted because of the severe stab wounds on her tiny frame.

"I really want to let people know about organ donation and the importance of talking to your family about what you want," Ms Blackburn said.

"You don't want to be sitting there wondering what your loved one would choose."

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