Tai Chi can be good for the mind and body.
Tai Chi can be good for the mind and body. c0nd0r2

Sharing the gift of inner balance through tai chi

BONNIE Lindsay has gotten a lot of satisfaction out of practising tai chi over the years - so much so that she wanted others to enjoy it as well.

So the Hervey Bay woman, who came to Hervey Bay with her husband in 1989, decided to take up the Chinese martial art.

“I just felt there was something missing in my life and I needed something to fulfil me,” she said.

Lindsay was browsing through the Hervey Bay Observer one morning when she noticed an advertisement for a tai chi class and decided to give it a go.

She went along to the class and met an inspirational instructor, Thea Talbot, and from that day she was hooked and couldn't wait to go back and have another go.

“Tai chi was pretty unheard of at the time,” Lindsay remembers.

But since that time Lindsay has become a teacher herself and she has seen the art of tai chi grow rapidly.

Lindsay has helped others discover the arts' healing benefits since becoming a teacher in 1991 and “met some wonderful people” along the way.

She has also found the teaching the art has brought her greater understanding as well: “They say the best way to learn something is to teach it,” she said.

But she intends to retire from teaching in a few weeks and, while she'll miss it, she'll always be grateful for the positive change it made to her life.

Although there is a self-defence aspect to tai chi, Lindsay has always practiced the art because of the health benefits and she says it has helped her to stay healthy and grow spiritually.

What is tai chi?

Known as tai chi chuan, but often referred to as simply tai chi, the ancient Chinese martial art is often practised of health reasons.

Discovering the art about 20 years ago, it is something that has helped Hervey Bay woman Bonnie Lindsay achieve an inner balance.

A multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern. Today, tai chi has spread worldwide and more and more people are choosing to practise tai chi to stay healthy.

The art is believed to reduce stress through meditation, relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind.

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