BRONWYN GRILL can remember clearly the day Elvis Presley died, 33 years ago today.

At only 11 years old, she was already an obsessive fan of The King and was left distraught when she heard the news of his death on the radio.

“We cried all the way to school,” Mrs Grill, of Coraki, said.

“I just loved his music and he was sooo good looking. His movies were fantastic too.”

The actual cause of the rock ‘n’ roll great’s death is disputed, with some claiming it was related to his poly-drug use. However, a coroner’s report in 1994 found the evidence pointed towards a heart attack.

Whatever the cause, Mrs Grill wishes he had lived long enough to visit Australia.

“One of my great regrets is never being able to see Elvis alive. Even just being in the same country as him would have been something,” she said.

Thirty-three years after The King’s passing, Mrs Grill’s obsession has not faded.

Her Elvis memorabilia, including posters, records, an Elvis mug, and more, look a treat in her family’s rumpus room, which is decorated in a 1950s theme – a little bit of Graceland in Coraki.

“Me and my husband have even passed our love of Elvis on to our kids,” she said.

“We all love our rock ‘n’ roll dancing.

“And they think it’s amazing that I was even alive at the same time as Elvis.”

Mrs Grill said she planned to commemorate the anniversary of Elvis’ death today by listening to some of his records.

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