A DENTAL expert has branded the Fraser Coast Regional Council's decision on water fluoridation as "misguided" in the 3 years after it was removed from the region's water supply.

Spokesperson for the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch Dr Michael Foley said that council did not consult expert groups on the vote to remove fluoride from the Fraser Coast's water supply in 2013.

Dr Foley, who urged Council to reconsider their position in 2014, said it was a misguided decision.

"It's disappointing that they didn't obtain the briefing at the time. It is their right, but it surprised us," he said.

"More than 20 councils took up the opportunity to remove fluoridation after the Newman government gave rights back to local government...to control fluoridation."

Should council reintroduce fluoride to Fraser Coast's water supply?

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Council passed the motion to remove fluoride from it's water supply in an 8-3 vote in 2013, after extended community consultation on the issue.

Dr Foley maintained the Fraser Coast Regional Council had been "inundated" with material from anti-fluoridation lobby groups, being one of the many councils subject to the campaign since the Newman state government opted to give the rights back to local government to allow them to control fluoridation.

He maintained that this wasn't an area where the science is divided.

"The evidence is irrefutable - the Chief Health Officer has said before 'there are not many things in medicine that are black and white; this is one of them,'" Dr Foley said.

"Every health department in Australia strongly urges communities to fluoridate their water supplies...[and] no reputable health authority opposes water fluoridation.

"Councils should not be making these decisions; based on their lack of scientific and medical expertise. Major expertise lies at state and federal levels, based on recommendations from experts."

The efforts of anti-fluoride groups was corroborated by Cr Darren Everard, who said there was a "consolidated push" from members of the public.

Asked whether he would reconsider his position on water fluoridation 3 years on, Mayor Chris Loft said he would not, stating his "position remains the same."

Cr Daniel Sanderson, who voted for the removal based on community feedback, said he could reconsider "depending on the benefits."

"I could possibly consider it if there are strong facts about it, but there are always two sides to the story," he said.

Cr Rolf Light, who voted against the motion, stood by his position and the scientific evidence.

"There's a lot of misleading information about it," he said.

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