OPINION: Is this ABC kids program named after pubic hair?

Call me dirty minded but where I come from the term short and curlies has only one meaning. 

And it was for this reason that the ABC deciding to call a children's podcast 'Short and Curly' had me laughing at Auntie, not with her.

Of course one should never jump to conclusions on such things so I contacted the state owned corporation for clarification.

The executive producer of First Run, the ABC's new podcast channel, Ian Walker replied to my query via email saying the title was a reference to problems faced by parents and their children - not a euphemism for pubic hair. 

"The Short and Curly of the title relates to the kind of questions the show asks;  "questions that make your brain hurt" and ethical conundrums for kids," Mr Walker said.

"The show is aimed at children aged seven to 12 for listening with their parents.

"The kids we've been working with say they find the name catchy and cute and we have not been aware of any complaints or problems with it.  

"Parents so far have thanked us effusively for making a podcast that the whole family can listen to and relate to."

The title would make sense to me if the show concerned itself with sex education and was aimed at a slightly older audience - perhaps children 12 to 14?

But a quick glance at the podcast's webpage states it holds forth on issues such as: "are swimming carnivals fair? - should we be loving robots? and what would happen if chimpanzees went to school?"

Worst part is the show doesn't look half bad.

But the question that is making my brain hurt is why pick the title with the weird connotation?

Perhaps a visit to urbandictionary.com is in order before they pick a new one.

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