Sickness continues to reduce koala numbers in M'boro

CARERS are treating almost one sick koala every day in Maryborough and each female treated is ultimately dying.

Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue founder and president Ray Chambers said the group had attended to 12 koalas in the past fortnight in the Tinana region.

He said the majority of those animals were females suffering from cysts on their ovaries, while the males were experiencing cysts on their bladders and eyes.

"The one we brought in on Sunday was a little baby girl - a three-year-old girl - and she had cysts," Mr Chambers said.

"You couldn't even tell by looking at her, she was so vigilant and young looking."

It was first reported in January that almost 30 sick and dead koalas had been discovered in Maryborough in a six-week period.

Mr Chambers is blaming loss of habitat and quality food for causing stress-related illness in populations of koalas.

He said sick animals found were mostly euthanased unless funding for treatment can be collected and a new home in a wildlife sanctuary arranged.

Mr Chambers called on the Fraser Coast Regional Council and the Queensland Government to act now to protect koala populations in the Fraser Coast or risk losing them.

The council was unable to provide details of its koala protection policy at the time of print.

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