The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet. News Corp

Six reasons to buy a subscription to the Chronicle

1. All the local news right at your fingertips

EVER wanted to have the latest headlines right in front of you as they're happening? A subscription to the Fraser Coast Chronicle will get you all the news as it happens, and with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A in the palm of your hand, the latest breaking story is only a click away.

2. Multi-platform and 24-hour reporting

NEWS never sleeps. Our app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A provides you with ongoing coverage on the stories that matter here and across the nation, with updates around the clock.

3. Leading coverage of the region's hot issues

WITH a subscription to the Chronicle, you'll have first access to all the major issues across the region.

From what's happening in our council and courtrooms to the exciting achievements of our sport stars, it will all be delivered right to your inbox.

4. Access to our stunning photos and galleries

A PICTURE is worth a thousand words.

With our talented photographers capturing the Fraser Coast's defining moments and exciting events, you can have exclusive access to the galleries we upload daily onto our website.

5. The latest sport headlines

SPORT defines a region.

A subscription gives you access to all the major results, upcoming games and analysis in and around the Fraser Coast.

6. Experiencing the visual story

REPORTING has changed in the 21st century.

Our team of journalists and reporters are out there in the community, capturing the news as it happens on camera and on video.

Having a subscription gives you exclusive access to our database of photos and videos that give you the full picture of the news.

Temperatures to soar as rain misses us ... again

Premium Content Temperatures to soar as rain misses us ... again

Temperatures will be well above average on the Fraser Coast

M’boro mum punched while pushing pram

Premium Content M’boro mum punched while pushing pram

The Maryborough mum had just been released from hospital after a caesarean