Smacking debate fires up Fraser Coast parents

FRASER Coast parents have shared their views on smacking and while some believe kids need a good smack to teach them some respect, others don't think it works. 

Jason Miller is all for smacking as a form of discipline and to teach kids some respect.

"Look at the little sh*#s going around these days that have no respect for no one or anything. I was smacked as a child and i grew up fine, i respect people and their things. cant say the same for most of this generation

Robert Walsh said when he was growing up he was smacking and so was his son.

"It didn't do use any harm ( but there is a difference from a smack and abuse ) as far as getting smacked at home for doing something wrong and the child going out and hitting other kids well that's up to the parent to point out why they they got smacked," Robert said. 

"You smack them that teaches them to smack others, then you smack them for smacking others... vicious circle," Kimberlee said. 

Vicky Lynn McDonald believes smacking kids for discipline only teaches them to hit others to get what they want. 

Rozy N Andy Mason doesn't think smacking is the answer. 

Joan Kindelan said "Smacking is a natural instinctive occurrence throughout the animal world and the truth is humans are part of the animal world. It is quite natural for two babies to even smack each other at times when you sit them together."

Gus Warde thinks smacking is outdated.

Do you smack your children? Join the conversation and tell us below. 

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