YOUR SAY: Chinchilla solar project seems doomed

YOUR SAY: The Kogan Creek Solar Boost demo project near Chinchilla seems doomed to be abandoned.

A decision quoted technical and contractual difficulties during construction, as the chief problems. This resulted in a negative impact on the commercial aspects for the project.

The Solar Boost was to have provided, in peak solar conditions, a 44 MW (megawatt) and was touted to be the biggest in the world when complete. It was to give a solar boost to in addition to the 750 MW Kogan creek coal fires power station capacity.

The project was commenced in 2011, designed to use AREVA Solar's Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector technology.

In August 2014 AREVA withdrew it's operations from Australia. as it exit it's solar thermal business worldwide.

The total value of the project was to be $104,000. How much was spent we don't know for certain. At the time they said that it would give a valuable insight, to be used to strengthen future renewable energy developments.

This was just another of the ill planned ideas of a previous state Government, along with the ill planned subsidised home solar panel scheme.

This was an excellent proposition for those who took it up.

At 44c feed back for the excess power generated they get a cheque every month. But the downside was the price of electricity has sky-rocketed, for the rest of us, as a result of these schemes.

Ray Harch, Toowoomba