OPINION: Some things can’t be bought for Mother’s Day

I HAVEN'T bought my mum anything for Mother's Day.

I actually haven't even asked her what she would like.

I must sound like the most horrible daughter but there is a reason Mother's Day will be a toned down version in our family this year.

That is because, deep down, I know that I can't give her what she really wants; my brother.

Yes, she would want my brother, Adam.

Adam was killed in a car accident last year and I know there is nothing she would want more than to have him with her this Mother's Day.

She would want him laughing hysterically to a movie in my parents' lounge room, she would want to receive flowers and a hug from him and to hear him say "I love you, Ma".

And I know I can't give her that.

While the space Adam has in our hearts will never be replaced, my mum and the rest of my family will be overjoyed by the special little person arriving next month.

My mum will become a grandma the same day I become a mum.

The past seven months I have been growing a little human who, judging by all the kicks and punches, is very keen to join our family.

I have already developed such a pure, unconditional love for our little "Sprout'' and he or she will be born into warm, loving arms.

And I already know that the love I will have when he or she is born can't be explained and I can't wait to experience that feeling that only a mother knows.

So, to the mums who may be without their mothers this Mother's Day, the soon-to-be mums, the mums who have lost a piece of their heart, and all the other mums out there, thank you for your everlasting love, friendship and advice and please know you are surrounded by love.

Happy Mother's Day.

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