Driver clocked 167kmh in 60 zone

THE hunt is on for a reckless driver clocked doing 167kmh in a 60 zone on Maryborough's notorious Saltwater Creek Rd.

Police were left shocked when a speed camera caught the lead-footed driver tearing along the Heritage City road like it was some kind of race track.

A known hotspot for speeding offences, the stretch is heavily scrutinised by police.

Acting Sergeant Chris Burke of the Maryborough District Traffic Branch said a speed camera was set up there between 3 and 10pm on Saturday, and the offence was detected that night.

Police are now in the process of tracking down the culprit whose rego was clearly caught on camera.

As far as Sgt Burke knows, it was the highest speed ever recorded on that stretch of road, a suburban strip lined with houses and some childcare centres.

"It is just ridiculous," the appalled officer said.

"It would appear that the message is not getting through to some people, so our enforcement will be ongoing."

Following closely behind the first hoon was another vehicle detected at 113kmh.

"Police will be conducting further investigations to determine whether the two vehicles were involved in a street race," Sgt Burke said.

He said high-speed offences attracted fines of more than $1000, eight demerit points and an immediate six month licence disqualification.

"If the evidence suggests there was a street race, then we'll be looking at further prosecution.

"These sort of speeds, particularly given it's a school holiday period, are just disgusting."

Police are conducting a state-wide traffic blitz to tie in with the September school holidays.

Their focus is on the 'fatal four' - speeding, drink-driving fatigue and seatbelt compliance.

Eight drink-drivers and a number of unlicensed drivers were also caught on Fraser Coast roads on the weekend.

"We'd like to encourage all people to drive safely over the school holiday period," Sgt Burke said.

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