Sport fixtures and results

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Maryborough Basketball

DRAW for this week.

Wednesday 6.00 MB Titans B v Falcons B Piper J Chester S Truscott D Grieves 6.50 MA High Flyers v Boomers N Ashman C Axelsen B Milne J Smith 7.40 MA RCC v Titans A N Ashman J Hannell J Bennett A Slade 8:30 MA A Team v Xmen A McCarthy A Williams N Edwards M O'Brien Bye MB Panthers 

Thursday 6.00 WC Hot Shots V Stingers B Robertson C Robertson C Robertson H Freshwater 6.50 WC Bouncers V Prawn Stars B Robertson E Alloway H Guthrie A Turner 7.40 WC Revellers v L Plate E Alloway R Cunningham J Cordie S Cunningham

Craignish Friday Ladies Golf

RESULTS from 14 hole Monthly Medal Stroke and Putt Event was played on April 19. 

Winner: Marcia McWha on c/b 61 pts. Second: Terry Bowtell 61 pts. Third: Muriel Monks on c/b 62 pts. Ball Run Down: Helen Oliver 62 pts., Veronica Miller 63 pts., Angie Williams 63 pts. Gross Score Winner: Angie Williams with 84 pts.  Pin Shots: Hole 5 Angie Williams. Hole 8 Claire Orr. Hole 9 Muriel Monks. Hole 11 Helen Oliver.  Putting: Marcia McWha with 24 putts.  Gobblers: Mavis Taylor lovely chip in on hole 5.

Hervey Bay and District Tennis

RESULTS from matches played last week.

Wednesday (Division 2): Michael Windle def William Sprake 4-3; Lachlan Taylor def Jack Madden 4-3; William Sprake def Lachlan Taylor 5-3; Michael Windle def Jack Madden 3-1; William Sprake/Jack Madden tied Michael Windle/Lachlan Cooper 3-3. Standout player Michael Windle. Bradley Thompson def Jacob Stretton 8-1; William Woods def James Cooper 4-2; Bradley Thompson def William Woods 6-0; Jacob Stretton def James Cooper 4-0; Jacob Stretton/William Woods def Bradley Thompson/James Cooper 6-2. Standout player William Woods. Maryborough/Granville Indoor Bowls RESULTS from matches played last week. Tuesday, April 16: Winners R.Anderson 63 & J.Stocks 54. Others B.Jocumsen 51 ,V.Keane 45, S.Heit, P.Hall 40, G.Grevell 37, M.Wood 36, E.Jocumsen 31. Thursday, April 18: Winners S.Staatz 42, T.Bray & M.Affleck 41. Others D.Jessen 41, J.Affleck 39, D.Jago 38, M.Scott, Cheryl Hume 36, G.Grevell 34, W.Sengstock 30, V.Keane 29, S.Miller 28, A.Miller 27, R.Anderson 23, B.Baker 21. Friday, April 19: Medley trophy winners were M.Wood 50, W.Langer 46, F.Fullerton & R.Anderson 44. Others C.Waldock 44, G.Grevell 42, J.Langer, N.Brockway, A. & G.Hughes 38, J.Brockway, M.Affleck, P.Hall 36, R.Power 34, J.Affleck, V.Klein 30.

Hervey Bay Bowls

RESULTS from matches played last week. 

Hervey Bay bowls club - Reg King from Hervey Bay lines up his next shot.
Hervey Bay bowls club - Reg King from Hervey Bay lines up his next shot. Alistair Brightman


Sunday Mixed Social Club Selected: Winners J Olding & M Dawe.  Monday Am Ladies Scroungers: Winner P Rose, Runner Up - L Milne Kelly's Corner - S O'Doherty.  Monday Pm Men's Nominated Triples: Winners P Gardner, H Roberts, B Ratcliffe; Runners Up K Clancy, D Tester, J Hickey. Tuesday Am Mufti: Winners J Harding, J Murray, J Edwards. Wednesday Am Men's Scroungers: Winner M Brown Runner Up T Bojarski Kelly's Corner - P Hayes. Thursday Pm Ladies Social Club Selected: Winners B Humphreys, L Milne, H Gardner. Runners Up M Johnson, H Chappel, E McLellan. Friday Am Men's Mufti: Winners -N Browne, K Farrell, T Madden; Runners Up -P Soire, J Crowe, J Petroni. Friday Pm Open Nominated Jackpot 2x4x2 Pairs: Winners A Webster & T Bojarski, Runners Up P & C Smith 4 Lucky Random Prize Winners - B McHardy, B Argent, C Duke, A Hurley. Doon Villa Bowls RESULTS from matches played last week. Final Fours G Kruger, K Gitsham, I Blue J Bargenquast d B Shaw, T Fergusson, P Hunter, C Norman 23-13. Wednesday, April 17: Ladies Championship Fours Final V Casey, J Wood, K Butler, I Ridge d K O'Brien, G Krueger, L Hunter, B Weinheimer 23-11. Social G Hoad, B George d L Mullan, S Campbell 26-17. C Whitaker, J Visser d M Prove, G Lewis 22-17. Thursday, April 18: Mens Jackpot Pairs Winners B Wickbold, K Greenhalgh d R Mayers, D Warren 34-7. R/UP R Coombs, P Browne d B Dale, J Cussen 18-15. K Milzewski, R Whittaker d B Shaw, G Jenkins 32-11. J Owen, P Bertram d C Humrich, J Hamilton 30-13. K Anderson, R Tebay d J McCoombe, B Madsen 29-14 T Fergusson, P Gallagher d C Larsen, K Beikoff 28-15. B Cooper, G Gambie d G Campbell, R Dillon 27-13. P Hunter, G Chasling d D Kohler, K Paxton 26-15 W Raguse, D Bradshaw d G Newman, J Martin 23-14. P Stephensen, A Hartwig d R Turnbull, C Casperson 20-17. R Window, A Scholl d R James, H Muller 19-17  Mixed Pairs Final C Humrich, J Visser d G Fergusson, A Hartwig 24-15. Friday, April 19: Ladies Patroness Shield Doon Villa v M/Boro V Casey, M Warren, B Weinheimer, B James d V Page, N Taylor, J Duff, M Scott 25-8. G Skerritt, D Smyth, C Whitaker, I Ridge .L K Wells, R Lovett, U Lund, P Howard 16-27. S Campbell, J Wood, M Prove, K Butler .L K Selby, R Blessing, A Dood, N Ramsay 13-24. R Rae, K O'Brien, J Visser, P Williams d R Theobald, M Mc Donald E Woods, Y Osborne 18-16. G Hoad, G Krueger, L Hunter, G Lewis d G McJinnes,L Tarlington. C Murdoch. P Matson 30-15. Doon Villa d Maryborough 102-90.  Crooked Kitty D Smyth, B James d C Whitaker, L Hunter 29-27.  Friday Night Joan, Ronnie, Helen d Fran, Jamie, Julie 17-10. Ashley, Jim, L Genrich d Jim, Ashley. P Bertram 21-11.

Maryborough Junior Basketball

DRAW for this Friday.

3.30 pm Mini Ball with Mrs Kingston  3.30 pm Biddy Ball Coaching  3.55 pm. Half Court All games in Stadium E Roberts L Calleja. 4.40 Under 12 Stadium Tigers 2 v Tigers 1 L. Scriven H. Dodd I Dodd C. Shaw.  Court 1 Joeys v Riverside M Best Lily Calleja G. Laviano N. Psalia. Court 2 Golden Turkeys 3 0n 3 5.20 pm Under 13  Stadium Magic v Tic Tac H. Dodd E. Roberts J.&.N Psalia. Court 1 Slammers v Roar M. Best L. Scriven C .Major.  6.00 pm Under 14   Stadium Saints v Riverside C. Welsh H. Dodd M. Dunlea L. Allanson. Court 1 Tornados v Rollers D .Tarlinto L. Scriven G & F .Harris. 6.40pm Girls  Stadium Aldridge v Riverside C. Welsh S. Di Amico D. Wain D. Ross 7.20 pm Under U15/16  Stadium v Riverside v Bandits C Welsh S. Di Amico. J. Tucker R. Dixon Court 1 Top Shots v Parke H. Dodd L. Scriven J. Kerr A. Haddow 8pm Under 17 Vipers v Galaxy 1C. Welsh S Di Amico J Kerr J. Dodd Girls Amethysts forfeit to Devils Under 17 Boomers forfeit to Galaxy2. 

Maryborough Bowls Ladies

RESULTS from matches played last week.

Consistency Singles N.Ramsay d P.Howard 134-94; AGRR Singles M.Scott d R.lovett 25-18; Club Fours V.Page, M.McDonald, E.Woods, N.Ramsay d G.McInnes, L.McLoughlin, P.Matsen, M.Scott 20-17.  Social K.Wells, N.Taylor, U.Lund, P.Howard d L.Tarlington, C.Murdoch, R.Blesing, A.Dodd 22-17.  Results of Patroness Match K.Wells, R.Lovett, U,Lund, P.Howard d G.Skerritt, D.Smyth, C.Whittaker, I.Ridge 27-16; K.Selby, R.Blesing, A.Dodd, N.Ramsay d S.Campbell, J.Wood, M.Prove, K.Butler 24-13; V.Casey, M.Warren, B.Weinheimer, B.James d V.Page, N.Taylor, J.Duff, M.Scott 25-8; G.Hoad, G.Krueger, L.Hunter, G.Lewis d G.McInnes, L.Tarlington, C.Murdoch, P.Matsen 30-15; R.Rae, K.O'Brien, J.Vissor, P.Williams d R.Theobold, M.McDonald, E.Woods, E.Osborne 18-16. Overall Score Doonvilla 102 to Maryborough 90.  Competition called for today at 12.30pm Final Consistency Singles C.Murdoch v N.Ramsay; AGRR Singles R.Lovett v P.Howard; Markers U.Lund, M.McDonald. Patroness Pairs R.Blesing, N.Taylor v K.Wells, E.Osborne; Friday 26th April at 12-30pm Club Fours Final V.Page, M.McDonald, E.Woods, N.Ramsay v R.Theobold, L.Tarlington, C,Murdoch, J.Duff.

Hervey Bay City Bridge Club

RESULTS from matches played last week. Sunday: Hervey Bay Novice Pairs: 1st J.Hapeta/B.Love, 2nd R.Demnar/I.Bloore, 3rd V.Price/K.Helmore. Monday: 1st J.Flanagan/L.Bonnick, 2nd D.Gehrke/R.Graham, 3rd A.McLean/C.Strookman. Tuesday: N/S 1st A.Gauld/K.Goodwin, 2nd R.Goodwin/J.Hapeta, 3rd Y.Martin/A.McLean; E/W 1st A.Bonnick/F.Myles, 2nd D.Gehrke/G.Kellerman, 3rd G.Martin/D.Davidson. Thursday: 1st F.Teague/M.Ruttiman, 2nd J.Nebe/K.Ryan, 3rd K&D Geraghty & H.Kalinowski/G.Breeze. Friday: N/S 1st L.Bonnick/G.Kellerman, F.Arnold/C.Strookman, 3rd Y.Martin/J.Hayward; E/W 1st R.Graham/L.Fisher, 2nd C.Struik/S.Boulter, 3rd D.Gehrke/K.Helmore. Saturday: 1st S.Kerley/M.Ruttiman, 2nd M&J Akhtar, 3rd R&K Goodwin.

Maryborough Bowls

RESULTS from matches played last week. Thursday, April 18 (Nominated jackpot Men's Pairs): T.Svensen P.Harvey d B.Fitzsimmons R.Relton 17-15 K.Campbell N.Britton d W.Murdoch R.Riseley 29-11 A.hewson B.Williams d K.Oliver R.Anderson 27-13 EKath N.Johnson d L.peatey J.Wren 25-9 T.Crawford O.Maughan d J.Wroe J.Dawson 23-20B.Hovard D.Harvey d P.Frawley L.Dodd 24-13 T.Peterson B.Henningsen d L.Hamlet R.Wells 23-15  Saturday, April 20: Visit from Waterloo Social Bowls Club Brisbane L.Peatey M.Puffin M.Judge d F Rynne T.Wilson 21-12 R.Theobold W.Murdoch J.Luce d R.Gardnener D.Basset L.Dodd 23-16 D.Jones N.barry D.harvey d K.Wells D.Theobold J.Judge 19-16 K.Selby E.Jacobs d D.Lambert J.Austin J.Wren 24-9 B.Brookman E.Woods P.Harvey d C.Murdoch P.Howard G.Anderson 19-12 H.Schultz J.Rynne N.Ramsay d R.Anderson C.Baldwin M.Lentas 24-12 B.Austin T.Svesen E.Osborne d R.Baker M.Finlay D.Strange 24-11 R.Lopeon M.Siganto J.Lord d B.Connan B.Dransfield S.Wilson O.Beard 19-14 K.Hansen L.Anderson R.Breust d D.Ramsay R.McPhie G.Kuskopf 17-11 E.crockett J.Kuskop O.Maughan d L.Tarlington C.Schultz G.Bassett 20-16 L.Oliver L.Wood C.Pinchin d B.Lambert N.Rosser J.Adams 17-16 P.beard M.Cook J.Duff d C.Maloney G.Lord D.Bridges 24-18 B.Dwyer B.Smith R.Relton d L.Carter M.MacDonald B.Aston 20-19 B.Luce K.Rhodes R.Wells drew B.Muller G.Cook M.Lentas 16 all Many thanks to the QRI bowlers Sunday 21st April Crimestoppers day Milton Leitch Val Paterson Doc Paterson David Paterson d Wendy's Team 47-5 M.Hambrecht P.Rossi D.Gillen K.Dauce Granville Lions club 1) d M.Goldenson L.Lloyd L.Huff M.Hambrecht (Granville Lions 2) 40-8 D.Hewson G.Duff J.Duff A.Hewson d G.Rogers W.Britton K.Campbell N.Britton 25-19 M.Weber T.Crawford P.Frawley d K.Wells R.Relton R.Wells 23-12 C.Baldwin J.Wroe P.Howard O.Maughan d L.Gillen R.Lovett J.Dale T.Svensen 22-12 R.Watts L.Peatey A.Dodd L.Hamlet d Jesse Kirk I.Rook Jim Kirk L.Dodd 22-8 P.Lusk Rhonda B Mark R.bruest d Rhonda D GerardS Narelle S John D 18-10 G.Mellick W.Chapmax Gary Peter (RSL) d Jeanette Helene Rob George 16-10 Mens Pairs Championships T.Peterson B.Henningsen d B.Hovard D.Harvey 26-17 L.Hamlet O.Maughan d B.Williams A.Hewson 23-15 Mixed pairs championships P.Matsen B.Henningsen d C.Murdoch W.Murdoch 24-12.

Burrum District Golf

SCORES from rounds played last week.

Tuesday, April 16 (Vets Shark Shootout): Open Pin Shot 3/12 Frank Gill, 8/17 Bob & Ricki Dumbleton, 9/18 Chris Bush & Chris Reid; 1st Kerry Styles & Stretch Anderson 59¼ r/u John Short & Peter Griffin 61¾; BRD Les Bennett & Ray Suter 63½, Keith Downes & Peter Lochel 64⅝, Brian Bramble & Merle Vandersee 66½, Gloria Freeman & John Roach 67½.  Wednesday, April 17 (Mens - Stableford): Pin Shots; 2/11 John Webb, 3/12 Chris Bush, 7/16 Kerry Styles, 8/17 Chris Bush; 1st Fred Goodall 37pts r/u Chris Bush c/b 36pts BRD Ian Anderson 36, John Short 34, John Webb 33, Keith Downes 33, George Dart 32, Kerry Styles 32, D Caldwell 31, Ron Cornwell 30, Chris Reid 30, Bill Dalrymple 29, Tex Howard 29, Wayne Pearce 29. Bradmans Award - Phil Rowe 20pts.  Thursday, April 18 (Ladies Stroke): Eclectic & Putts - NTP A Skinna - card draw winner Barb Brian; Putts Competition winner - Gloria Hollingsworth 31; 1st Dot Leitner c/b 75nett r/u Sheryl Bramley 75nett BRD Carol Bennett 76, Marilyn Allen 77, Merle Vandersee 77.  Friday, April 19 (Chook & Rooster Runs 9 Holes AM): NTP John Gibson; 1st Brian Bramble 28nett r/u Ken Steven 32nett; PM NTP - A Skinna 1st John Webb 32nett r/u Norm Staples 32nett CRD Bill Dalrymple 33, Mellisa Shaw 36. Saturday, April 20 (Men & Women Match Plays): Mens Results Round Two - Jason Shaw def Ben Waters 1up, Steve Nitschinsk def Les Bennett 8&7, Ray Berkery def Ken Steven 4&2, David Burraston def Dennis Miller 1up, Ron Cornwell def Keith Downes 4&2, Phil Rowe def Peter Griffin 1 up, Kerry Styles def Mark Knapp 1 up, Ladies Results Round One - June Kerr def Mellisa Shaw 2&1, Sue Berkery def Carol Bennett 2&1, Beryl Cox def Lola Heilbronn 2&1, Dot Leitner def Merle Vandersee 3&2.  Sunday Mens Carnival - Overall Gross Winner Scott Warren 69; Overall Nett Winner Trevor Allen 69, A Grade Gross Chris Robertson 75c/b; B Grade Gross Lionel Bust 84; C Grade Gross Pat Coyle 90; A Grade Nett L Moores 71c/b; B Grade Nett Jason Shaw 69; C Grade Nett R VanGoethem 70; A Grade Gross R/Up Mark Knapp 71; B Grade Gross R/Up Bill Foot 86c/b; C Grade Gross R/Up Ken Steven 91c/b; A Grade Nett R/Up John Short 71; B Grade Nett R/Up Ray Suter 70; C Grade Nett R/Up Vic Hardie 71c/b; A Grade Nett Front 9 Jesse Findlay 34; B Grade Nett Front 9 Keith Downes 31; C Grade Nett Front 9 Ray Berkery 33c/b;  A Grade Nett Back 9 A Schmerer 35; B Grade Nett Back 10; Peter Waters 35; C Grade Nett Back 11; Steve Nitschinsk 33½; Open Pin Shot Fred Goodall; A Grade Approach Shot Jesse Findlay; B Grade Approach Shot Peter Waters; C Grade Approach Shot Trevor Allen; A Grade Long Drive A Bolger; B Grade Long Drive Peter Cunningham; C Grade Long Drive Campbell Gibbs; BRD Les Kummerfeld 71, Mike Dally 72, Chris Bush 72, Les Bennett 72, Geoff Bramley 72, Jesse Findlay 72, Neil Plumb 73, Bevan Dingle 73, G Brandon 73, Hans Karolyi 73, Bruce Ezzy 74, Brian Bramble 74, Millburn 74, Allan McGeorge 74, Ron Cornwell 74, Ken Fitzgerald 74, C Backer 74, B Eldridge 74, R Ezzy 74,  Burrum Heads Bowls RESULTS from matches played. Monday, April 15: 2Wins A Pollard I Pollard D King R King+36 Overall Win; 2Wins Bob Fox B Sutton P Petrie P Falconer +32; 2Wins C Clark M Donald E Druce B Walker +30; 1Loss1Win B Le Pla B Fletcher G Thrupp J Jeppesen +29 R/Up; 1Loss1Win R Fielding G Frost V Lingard K Webster +25; 1Loss1Win V Letizia S Haasz T Thompson Barry Fox +19; 1Loss1Win F Moss J Gay D Bretherton K Goodridge+17 Thursday, April 18: 2Wins C Brookes D Hobson P Lavender+37 Overall Win; 2Wins B Underwood D King R King +26; 1Loss1Win I Goode C Bones S Redman +22 R/Up; 1Loss1Win M Allegretto F Allegretto K Dinham +6; 1Loss1Win G Hartigan R Drew J Smith +4. Sunday, April 21: Final Mens Pairs J Gay & B Fox (18) def F Moss & J Jeppesen (17).

Eagles Nest Golf

RESULTS from 9 hole stroke event played on Thursday, April 18.

Winner, R Whitford on 18 followed by J Swain on 23.  Pinshots : 10 J Mills, 11 R Whitford, 12 R Whitford, 13 D Pointing, 14 R Whitford, 15 D McGregor, 16 R Whitford, 17 J Smith, 18 J Smith. Best Gross D Pointing 33. 

Maryborough Golf

SCORES and results from rounds played last week. Tuesday 16 Apr 13 - Veterans - Stableford: Winner Ken List 39, R/Up John Bryant 38; Pin Shots (3) Des Raymond (7) Genevieve Wills (11) Brian Sharp (17) Des Raymond; Pro Pin No. 9 (3) Nigel Freemantle 1.58m (2) Kevin Slade 2.16m (1) Neil Plumb, Paul Coleman, Kevin Whelan, Kevin Campbell 8.76m; S/stakes (38) Stephen Buckley, Des Raymond (37) Roy Humphries, Paul Bray, Nigel Freemantle, (36) Barrie McDevitt, (35) Paul Coleman, Ian Elliot, Kevin Slade. Wednesday 17 Apr 13 - Wednesday Club - Stableford: 9 Hole Winner Jeff Kunst 19 c/b, R/Up Steve McIntosh 19; Pin Shots No. 11 (2) Neil Bruggemann 3.37m (1) Alan Eaves, Tony Steffen, Dave Habermann, Dave Ferguson, Ken Kist, No. 13 Clive Davis, No. 17 Ian Elliot; S/stakes (18) Neil Bruggemann, Kevin Whelan (17) Gary Madden, Tony Steffen, Tim Bell, Stephen Wheeler (16) Glen Abbott, Ian Hargraves, Dave Habermann, Craig Backer, W.J. Bennett (15) Jack Pierpoint, Kevin Monteith, Adam Hodgkinson, Ian Elliot, Peter Butler, Clive Davis, John Vale, Alan Eaves (14 c/b) Liam Thomas, Walter Schlechtriem; 18 Hole Winner Kevin Whelan 41, R/up Tim Bell 40; Pro Pin No. 6 (3) Gary Madden 3.30m (1) Ray Drew, Liam Thomas 9.63m, No. 9 (3) Darren Simpson 0.88m (1) Ian Goodman, W J Bennett, Tony Arthur, Ray Drew, Kevin Monteith 4.26m; S/stakes (37) Dave Habermann, John Vale, Kevin Monteith (36) Gary Madden, Stephen Wheeler, Peter Butler, Brett Grambower, Adam Hodgkinson (35) Lionel Moores, Rob Walker, Jeff Hughes, Darren Simpson (34) Alan Eaves, Lyn Cooper, Glen Abbott (33) Clive Davis, Ray Drew, WJ Bennett, Max Smail, Col McBride (32 c/b) Steve McIntosh; Ladies - Stableford - Glenys Robinson Trophy; Winner Glen Hard 31; Pin Shots (7) Aileen Buckley; Pro Pin No. 17 (1) Aileen Buckley 0.17m, Maureen Freemantle 0.92m, Billie Cowle 0.96m; S/stakes (30) Kay Bruggemann, Billie Cowle (29) Gem Smail (28) Carolyn Watson (27) Judy McKenna. Friday - 18 Apr 13 - Stableford - Friday Club: 9 Hole Winner harry Mason 24 c/b, R/Up Nigel Scriven 24; Pin Shot No. 7 Tony Stallard; Pro Pin No. 9 (4) Tony Bellingham 0.37m (3) Tony Stallard 1.27m (2) Ian Elliot 1.97m (1) Des Raymond; Steve Stagoll 2.34m; S/stakes to 17pts Bob Walker, Des Raymond, D Stanyon (H/Bay), Glenn Warne, Peter McCulloch; John Bryant, Shaun Hubert, Barrie McDevitt, Steve Wheeler, Neil Plumb, Ann McCleery, Ian Elliot, P Braun, Roger Bowden, Joan Melksham, Tony Stallard, Jeff Milburn, Kim McKenna, Cool, Tanzer, Greg Kettle, Bob Woodger, Clive Morgan, Steve Stagoll, Sandra Katchell; 18 Hole Winner Ian Elliot 40, R/Up Craig Backer 39 c/b, 3rd Shaun Hubert 39 c/b; S/stakes to 35 pts D Stanyon, Glenn Warne, Nigel Scriven, John Bryant, Phil Sommerfeld, Steve Wheeler, Ann McCleery, Russell Sommerfeld, Tony Steffen Saturday 20 Apr 13 - A B C Grade Stroke - Smith Family Trophies (Howard, Neil, Ross & Dane): Winner A Grade Brad Watts 65 c/b, R/Up Carter Chappell 65; Winner B Grade Larry Blake 66 c/b, R/Up Glen Carmody 66 c/b; Winner C Grade S.A. Smith 65, R/Up Michael Wynne 66; Pin Shots (3) Lou Jessen (7) Derek Greathead (11) Ron Maher (17) Tim Ashford; Pro Pin No. 9 (5) Adam Hodgkinson 0.81m (2) Tony Steffen 1.62m (1) Michael Wynne, Peter Cunningham, Peter Baker, Ian Gott, Maris Cekulis 5.03m, No. 13 (5) Lachlan Waldock 0.83m (2) Michael Dempsey 1.65m (1) Jack Day, Ken Murtagh, Ian Harth, Kim McKenna, WJ Bennett, Phil Smith 3.00m; S/stakes (66) Tyson Bedford, WJ Bennett (67) Geoff Jepson (T'ville), Bill Bennett, Kim McKenna (68) Mark Nash, Adam Hodgkinson, Glen Abbott, Bob Denelzen, Marvin Reck, Lou Jessen (69) Greg Darlington, Lachlan Waldock, Dave Ferguson, Brett Lindley (70) Jeff Hughes, Geoff Hogan, Sel Shirley, Jim Heit, John Beddows, Ian Harth, Russell Sherrington, Doug Gee, Tony Steffen, Jacob Boyce, Jack Day, John Bryant (71 c/b) Stephen Cameron, Laurie Fleming, Phil Smith, Isaac Sommerfeld, Derek Greathead. Ladies - Standard Scratch - Jill Milburn Trophy: Winner Pam Robinson +1; Pin Shots No. 3 Chris Maher, No. 7 Kate Law; Pro Pin No. 17 (1) Kate Law 0.35m, Jill Milburn 0.72m, Gem Smail 1.18m; S/stakes (-1) Jill Milburn (-2 c/b) Marj Smith, Cathy Harth, Jill Cooper, Judy McKenna. Sunday 21 Apr 13 - Medley Stableford - Club Trophy: Winner (A Grade Phil Bowtell 41, R/Up David Burns 40 c/b; Winner B Grade Aaron Kenny 42, R/Up Glenn Warne 39 c/b; Pin Shots (7) Gary Madden, (11) Matt Hancock; Pro Pin No. 9 (5) Michael Johnson 1.50m (2) Mark Donaldson 2.47m (1) Mark Nash, Geoff Hogan, Jordan Hancock, Doug Burrows, Dave Anderson, Peter Cross (H/Bay); S/stakes (40) Geoff Hogan, Matt Hancock (39) Peter Baker, Jordan Hancock, Danny Wilson (38) Harry Law, Mark Donaldson, Tony Van Lathum (37) Dane Smith, Jacob Boyce (36) D Stanyon (H/Bay) Max Smail; (35 c/b) Peter Cross (H/Bay), Russell Foy (H/Bay), Judy Foy (H/Bay), Nigel Freemantle, Gordon Scriven. Juniors - Stroke: A Grade Winner Dwight Wessling 56, R/Up Kayla Ryan 57, Pin Shot Lachlan Hancock; B Grade Winner Holly Wright 35, R/Up Michael Barnett 40; C Grade Winner Grace Wright; Sharks Winner Rosemary Sherwood 5, R/Up Maddi Kokkin 6, Least Putts Ben Newth 15, S/stakes Sienna Woods.

Sunbury Football Club

REPORT of games played on Saturday, April 20. All the u/6 Vikings played a great game with twins Tasmin and Kayla Fouracre getting lots of passes to team mate Tyler Close who provided good balls for Ryan Worthington and Joe Costigan to score goals for the team.  The u/6 Blues played a strong game with Ewan Andersen, Ryan Smith and Cye Negus solid in defence plus with good pushing of the ball up field for goals to be scored by Byron Sawtell, Helen Suthers, Ryan Smith and Cye Negus. A big thanks to good sports Helen Suthers and Byron Sawtell for each playing a half game with Burrum.  Riley Lewis in his first season of soccer is showing lots of potential and contributing to the efforts of the u/7 Blues. Christopher Skelton also in his very first season is improving with every game. All players contributed in a great game of soccer with Taylor Povey scoring goals. Great effort kids. While the u/8 Teams played each other, it still provided entertaining football. There was some great passing and determination by both teams. Congratulations to Tarleah Lesniewski, Bailey Sawtell, Sophie Ryan, Nicholas Ryan, Riley Kernke, Joey Murphy, Jordan Hoffman, Brayden Chapman and Tayah Sawtell for the Blues while great effort by Gordon Suthers in attack, Kyle Wischnevsky in defence and Jamie Hirsimaki in goals and on the field also played well for the Vikings.  Team effort was rewarded for the u/9 Blues with all players involved in lots of goals being scored. Congratulations to Jett Miller, Luke Wild, Dylan Maurer, Blake Coe, Hudson Harvey and Tayah Sawtell. Viking u/9 team had a great game although short on players against their opposition. Bailey Morton scored goals plus a big thanks to Jett and Blake for filling in. The u/10 Vikings played exceptionally well against team mates the u/10 Blues. All players in both teams had great games. The u/11 Blues were slow at the start of their game before settling and getting into rhythm with Regan Chappell making some great saves while Carl Garrard and Liam Atkinson were solid in defence.  Good positional play from Kaitlyn Ryan and Connor Sawtell saw Hayden Coe, Lachlan Fletcher and Luke Smallwood score a number of goals each.  Vikings u/11 were short on players but still had a good game against Scorpions. Bailey Suter, Dylan Slatter, Mathiew Kerle were the standouts while for Scorpions Skye Petersen, Nathaniel Seeney and Connor Latter played great games. Good all round effort from both teams. The u/12 Blues played good attacking soccer with team mates getting the ball through to Beau Lewis to score two nice goals against Tinana.  There was great ball work and passing by both teams but unfortunately Tinana ran out 4-2 winners. Player of the Match for the Blues was Aaron Scott. The u/13 Blues were asked by their coach to play positional soccer, all listened and played accordingly against team mates Vikings who never gave up. Anika Staib and Benton Lester were the best on field for Vikings while it was a team effort from the Blues. The Sunbury Youth team stepped up a gear from their last game to run out 3-1 winners against KSS. Jacob Chapman and Gabe Kidd were solid in the Blues backline supported strongly by Tom Zipf in goal. The mobile midfield of Jayden Zampech and Kyle O'Donnell provided Ming Zhang and Justin Linwood plenty of space out wide. Lindon Linwood 2 and Kyle O'Donnell 1 scored the goals for the team.