State of Maryborough's streets appalling

Maryborough resident Rachael Watts is appalled at the state of the road along Walker St.
Maryborough resident Rachael Watts is appalled at the state of the road along Walker St. Boni Holmes

FRASER Coast drivers have had a gutful of the state of the roads in Maryborough especially along Walker St.

Rachael Watts said Walker St was appalling and it was wrecking her car.

She has lived just off Walker St for the last 18 years and said this was the worst she had ever seen, between Jupiter and Tooley sts.

"I just wish they would hurry up and fix it.

"I drove down Woodstock St just to avoid driving down that road - it was out of my way to where I was going, but I prefer to drive down a good road rather than Walker St.

"Some of the dips in Walkers St are really big, I've got knocks and rattles in my car that I've never had before.

"And because they are doing roadworks on Kent St I can't drive down that street either.


Road works are in full swing along Kent St in Maryborough.
Road works are in full swing along Kent St in Maryborough. Boni Holmes

"I find it ridiculous that they are fixing all the roads that don't need to be fixed and not fixing that ones that do need to be fixed.

"I think the fact that the roads are so crappy, that people are driving slower which then makes other people waiting to turn into that street impatient which causes crashes.

Aldershot's Natasha Lee Head said despite roadworks on Walker St it is like driving on corrugated iron. 

The mother of four is also concerned about having an accident at the intersection of Alice and Pallas sts. 

"That intersection is horrible, I try to avoid Alice St all together because I am fearful of having a bad accident," she said. 

Toogoom resident Matt Wayne has been driving Walker St Monday to Friday for the last six years.

Since doing the pipe work at the hospital Matt said the road was like you needed a 4WD.

"It's been bad but since they have done the piping near the hosptial it has gotten really bad," Matt said.

"Every time you drive over it you hit the bumps where they fixed the piping.

"All of Walker St needs fixing but expecially up near the hospital."

Matt also mentioned that that during peak hour and school times it was deadly and had heard of many crashes at many of Walker St intersections.

He suggested light settings on the intersection on Pallas and Walker Sts should be permanent similar to the lights at John and Ferry cross roads.

The comments come after we asked you what roads need urgent attention on the Fraser Coast following council's budget commitment to spend $27.78 million on roads infrastructure for the region

Walker Street was one of the worst roads according to community members who had their say on Facebook.  

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