Street thug jailed

ANTHONY Peter Nelson's victim was waiting for a lift home when he suddenly found himself being threatened by a man twice his size.

"I want your phone," Nelson told the stranger.

"Give it to me or I'll kill you".

Nelson grabbed his victim by the throat, pushed him over and stole the mobile phone.

Nelson, who was already in prison on unrelated offences, was this week sentenced to 12 months' jail over the robbery.

Hervey Bay Magistrates Court heard how the victim left the Torquay Hotel about 10.30pm on May 24 when he saw Nelson and a male friend at a nearby payphone.

Nelson's friend was attempting to use the payphone, but it may have been broken, as he was yelling and swearing at it.

This is when Nelson approached the victim, threatened him and stole his phone.

Earlier that night, Nelson and the same friend had wandered into somebody's driveway to urinate.

When they were caught on the property, the men abused their witnesses, swearing at them and calling them offensive names.

Nelson told the women he was going to f*** their children and their grandmothers, and then spat towards them.

Lawyer John Milburn told the court that Nelson, a diabetic, had been drinking heavily on the night of the offences.

He now realised he was getting too old for "this type of behaviour", Mr Milburn said, and had been attending weekly AA meetings.

He was also hoping to take up work as a diesel mechanic in the mines when he was released on parole in November.

Mr Milburn asked Magistrate Graeme Tatnell to consider imposing a suspended sentence on Nelson, or a concurrent jail term that wouldn't alter his release date.

"I think this stealing from the person is much too serious for a suspended sentence," Mr Tatnell said.

Mr Tatnell sentenced Nelson to 12 months' prison for the stealing, plus one for the public nuisance when the men were urinating.

But he ordered those terms to be served alongside the current sentence and kept the parole release date for November 30.

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