Style on show at Torbanlea

FROM the casually dressed to the fashionably dressed, the young and old, serious punters and those just having a lark, the Torbanlea races attracted all types on Saturday.

Organisers have no real idea just how many attended but estimates of more than 10,000 may have been on the mark.

More than 100 volunteers representing all the sporting groups at Torbanlea Recreation Reserve looked after the crowd. They also looked after the mess left behind and many were still helping with the clean-up at 6pm Sunday.

Dressed to the nines and looking to have a day of fun, Cassie Byford and Tammy Kingsman were both dressed in summery aqua coloured outfits.

The friends had shopped separately but found they had similar tastes when viewing each other's choices on race day.

Deb Millane was also looking lovely in a cream and black dress with red accessories. She was sitting in the pavilion and said it seemed like a good place to be as the atmosphere was good.

“I've only just arrived but it seems alright here,” she said, adding that she could not believe how many people had attended.

“Let's put it this way; I can't find my mum - she's lost,” she said wryly.

“I expected to turn up and just be able to find her but there are so many people.”

Liz Lowe, Brad Lowe, Danella Swann and James Goldsworthy arrived at the Torbanlea races looking like they were ready to head to the Melbourne Cup in a few weeks' time. Dressed in suits and chic dresses, the stylish four were waiting for the next race and checking out the fashion.

The girls were a little disappointed - they thought more people would be dressed up but acknowledged that plenty of the girls gathered had put a lot of time into their outfits.

“A lot of the girls have made a big effort,” Ms Lowe said, adding that she would like to see a few more of the men stepping out in suits at next year's races.

With food stalls and plenty of children's rides, including a jumping castle, there was a carnival atmosphere at the races.

Plenty of shade was available for those wanting to take refuge from the hot sun and everything from sausage sandwiches to snack food was being consumed under the pavilions as families gathered to watch the races and enjoy each others' company.

Katie Jung, who was with a group celebrating a hen's night, said she and her friends were having a ball.

“We've backed a few winners.

“We're running amok at the races.”

Evelyn Hick, watching the races with Kierlie, 5, Montana, 6, and Scarlett, 2, said the day had a lot of appeal for families and children.

“It's a really fun-filled day for everyone, including the kids,” she said.

“They love the horses.”

Di Farrell and Gail Foss helped people place their bets and said they had been enjoying a hectic day.

The two enjoyed looking at the fashion and said plenty of people had expressed their enthusiasm for the races.

“One gentleman down from Bundaberg said next year he would be bringing two busloads,” Ms Foss said.

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