Submissions on carbon tax close

SUBMISSIONS on the federal government's carbon tax legislation close today, infuriating McPherson MP Karen Andrews who believes Australians didn't get enough chance to have their say.

According to Mrs Andrews the government only called for submissions in Saturday's media, giving Australians just six days to review and comment on over 1,100 pages of legislation.

But Richmond MP Justine Elliot believes we've been given plenty of time with the government seeking public engagement through industry and land sectors and household groups since September of last year.

She said drafts of the Clean Energy Bills on aspects of the package were released for public consultation in July receiving more than 300 submissions.

Despite this, Ms Andrews insisted Australians have no control.

"The Australian people have not been in control of their fate for some time now, not since the leadership swap between Rudd and Gillard, not since the hung Parliament and now they are left to watch on, as the Gillard Brown Government attempts to pass through one of the most controversial policy changes, without including the Australian people in the democratic process," Mrs Andrews said.

"The Gillard Government thinks it's reasonable for Australians to review and comment on over 1,100 pages of carbon tax legislation in a matter of days."

Ms Elliot said federal governments had been talking about pricing carbon pollution for more than a decade since the first senate inquiry into the greenhouse effect in 1988.

"The final Bills embody the more than a decade of parliamentary debate, the Government's previously proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, and take into account the submissions arising from the extensive public consultation on putting a price on carbon," Ms Elliot said.

"A Joint Select Committee is now also in the process of an inquiry, allowing closer scrutiny of the Clean Energy Bills currently before the Parliament.

"The time has come to give business and investors the certainty they have been asking for and deliver a low carbon economy of the future."

Submissions can be emailed to

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