Super moon brings surfing to Hervey Bay

SURF'S UP: Grant Mills from Torquay having a blast on his stand up paddle board during the king tide at Torquay jetty.
SURF'S UP: Grant Mills from Torquay having a blast on his stand up paddle board during the king tide at Torquay jetty. Alistair Brightman

SURFING a wave is not a sight normally seen in Hervey Bay but a unique super moon made it possible.

Hervey Bay experienced it's highest tide of the year on Wednesday reaching a height of 4.25m.

Astronomer David Reneke said the unusually high tide was caused by a slightly unique super moon.


"(Super moons) are quite frequent but this one was more unusual because the moon was closer than it has been in a long time," he said.

"We won't see the moon this close until November 2034."


A regular moon becomes a super moon when it is bigger and brighter than normal.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Sean Fitzgerald said summer tides were often higher than winter tides but Wednesday's tide was definitely the "highest tide of the year".

Mr Reneke said the moons closeness meant it was particularly bright and caused king tides.

"I heard some people say they didn't even need a torch to read their newspaper at night it was that bright," he said.

"It was the kind of night you didn't need a torch to be roaming around at night."

It appears space is providing a number of special events as a minor meteor shower crossed our skies earlier this morning.

Mr Reneke said the meteor shower, named Quadrantids, provided a beautiful sight for onlookers between 1am and 4am.

Later this month, all of Australia will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse with the moon set to be coloured a distinctive blood red.

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