Drug trafficker's appeal thrown out in M'boro court

A MAN involved in a drug ring that trafficked cocaine between Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast has had his application to appeal for a more lenient sentence thrown out in Maryborough Supreme Court.

Bradley James Cameron was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to one count of unlawful trafficking in dangerous drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and growth hormones.

A parole eligibility date was set two years and 10 months into the sentence.

Cameron argued the sentence was "manifestly excessive".

Cameron was caught when police intercepted phone calls between himself and others who would eventually also be convicted of drug charges, including former bikie boss Adam McCrea, in which drug deals were negotiated.

The court heard Cameron, who was 31 at the time of the offending, had appealed the sentence because he felt his mitigating factors, including his dysfunctional childhood, his work record, his drug dependency, his timely plea and his rehabilitation, should have attracted an earlier date of eligibility for parole.

The court heard Cameron did not point to any comparable case that would suggest his sentence was excessive, but the cases that had been cited by the sentencing judge had offered comparable cases with similar sentences to that Cameron received.

The three judges, Debra Mullins, John Muir and Catherine Holmes, agreed the sentencing judge achieved a "proper parity" between Cameron and the three other offenders, reflecting their respective levels of culpability and mitigating circumstances, with all three refusing the application to appeal.

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