Surprise! Yes, it’s a boy

THEY KEPT his gender a surprise until the day he was born, but Ryder James Smith's parents Kirsty and Darren knew they were going to have a boy from the beginning.

Born March 30 at 10.24 pm, little Ryder was the newest 'mystery' addition to the family of four, including his little sisters Maya, 3 and Isabel, 1.

But it wasn't really a mystery because all the signs were pointing towards them having a boy as their last child.

"We tried all of those old wives' tales and they all pointed towards me having a boy," mum Kirsty said.

"Just by the way I was carrying him it was pretty obvious,"

Ryder was born a big boy, 55cm long and 4060 grams.

"If that's any indication of how tall he's going to be, not only will he be looking over his sisters, but he will be looking over his mum and dad too."

Kirsty and Darren have decided Ryder will be their last, completing their perfect little family.

"The girls just adore him, Maya is always spoiling him, giving him hugs and kisses it's very cute," she said.

"It's a very different experience raising a boy after having two girls, but they are all very close in age and it's been really amazing."

Darren currently works at the Port while Kirsty will stay looking after the children at the home.

"I would like to see them grow up, and be there for every moment," she said.

"But I would like to go back to working one day."

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