Switched On: An online future for sports broadcasting

THE NUMBERS do not rival that seen through television broadcasts but the National Football League (NFL) has taken a massive step towards the future of sports coverage.

Monday's game between Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars was played in London, but was streamed live by Yahoo to more than 180 countries.

The NFL reported it attracted 15.2 million unique viewers and 33.6 million total views.

Of those, 33% were reported to be from viewers outside the United States.

Global media outlets have disputed the "inflated numbers" based on autoplay features on numerous websites, but the fact one of the world's biggest sporting bodies was willing to utilise the Internet to such a degree is a sign of things to come.

The NFL lauded the "digital distribution experiment" as a success, so if it as a matter of when - not if - major sporting codes make the transition of their broadcast products to the online space.


It is impossible to go past The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead's first three episodes of season six have been some of the best of the entire series.

The writing, character and story development are all fantastic, and the appearance of long-teased enemies - and the manner in which they debuted - could not have been better.

Based on the highly successful graphic novel, The Walking Dead is a tale of survival that follows former deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who wakes from a coma to find the world overrun by "walkers" (zombies).

The Walking Dead airs on FX (Channel 119) every Monday at 12.30pm and 7.30pm (AEST), while seasons 1-5 are available on Presto.

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