Taking the hard line on violence

A WAR on drunken violence was declared yesterday – and no one could be happier about it than Torquay Hotel manager Darren Carter.

Mr Carter, who is a keen advocate of the Hervey Bay Liquor Accord, said pubs and clubs around the Fraser Coast had a zero-tolerance attitude towards violent behaviour.

Five people have been banned from licensed venues throughout the area since the last liquor accord meeting four weeks ago.

Mr Carter (right) said the tough policy was gradually making people realise that violent behaviour would not be tolerated.

The nationwide crackdown on anti-social behaviour was unveiled yesterday. Operation Unite will be carried out on December 11 and 12 and will crack down on alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour that costs the country an estimated $1.7 billion a year. Extra officers will be deployed on top of the usual increased police presence during December.

It is understood the operation will include overt and covert licensing operations and will target highways as well as violence in public.

“We just can’t tolerate this behaviour,” Mr Carter said.

“We’re fed up with it as much as police.”

Mr Carter said that while the crackdown was good news, police were already playing a vital role in dealing with violent behaviour on the Fraser Coast.

Police were working closely with venue managers, Mr Carter said, to ensure people could enjoy a night out without having to put up with anti-social behaviour.

The Hervey Bay Liquor Accord has now been in place for two years and it has made a big difference – but Mr Carter said the group would continue to build on the work it had already done.

Alcohol-related crime in Queensland soared by 29 per cent from 7150 incidents to 9194 last financial year. Alcohol-related crime causes about 3000 deaths and 65,000 hospitalisations in Australia every year.

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