Bligh promises health fix

STOP the talk and get on with the walk.

That is the message from the Fraser Coast health focus group’s head to Premier Anna Bligh, who spent yesterday telling state premiers and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Brisbane how she’s going to fix the country’s health crisis.

“Rather than talk about this around the table in Brisbane today, make a commitment to the people of the Fraser Coast to do a thorough clinical audit to find out what we’ve got, what we need and then put a service delivery plan in that ensures adequate and sustainable health,” Gerard O’Connell said yesterday.

Ms Bligh wants to fix aged care by taking the pressure off hospitals, pour more money into the system, link GPs, hospitals and community health, fix staff shortages and do more for disease prevention.

“The time for talking and continual introvert examination by state and federal leaders has to end,” Mr O’Connell said.

“I’m pretty sceptical about this latest announcement. If there’d been no COAG meeting in Brisbane today this would not have come up.

“This is not a new situation. We’ve been in crisis on and off on the Coast and throughout Qld for a long time before this.

“The other cruel irony here is we are celebrating 150 years of Qld’s terrific achievement and one of the sad facts is we aren’t able to provide the most basic of human needs.”

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