Mark Armstrong from Go Natural Foods.
Mark Armstrong from Go Natural Foods. Alistair Brightman

Taste the difference for Organic Week

IT'S SOMETHING everyone is talking about.

Said to be one of the fastest-growing, most successful industries in Australia, the organic food market has begun to make its mark on Australians.

On October 1, the industry will be celebrating National Organic Week, with the theme Be Organic: Taste the difference, Feel the difference, Make a difference.

Mark Armstrong, manager of Go Natural Foods in Hervey Bay, says the popularity of organic food is down to the media coverage it has received in recent years.

“They are free from chemicals and fertilisers, as opposed to the everyday supermarket foods.”

Mr Armstrong said there were many benefits to consuming organic food products.

“People also tend to prefer the taste of organic foods as they have more of a natural, raw flavour.

“Not only this, but in most cases organic products contain a higher percentage of minerals than chemically treated foods.

“This means consumers are receiving a better quality of food, which also eliminates the need to take added vitamin and mineral supplements.”

Hosted by the Centre for Organic and Resource Enterprises and Biological Farmers of Australia, the 10-day event aims to supply the public with information regarding the advantages of both the organic market, as well as the farming production systems in Australia in an attempt to push people towards buying organic, as opposed to chemically treated products.

“Recent independent research shows that six in 10 Australians now buy organic on occasion,” BFA director Andrew Monk said.

Dr Monk also made the point that “as people understand the benefits of organic and that it has become more accessible in terms of availability and price, we expect to see Australia catch up with developments in the EU and the US markets over the coming years”.

“This would see at least a tripling of value to reach that point.”

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