NEW LOOK: James Wanless in the newly renovated Granville Tavern and Motel.
NEW LOOK: James Wanless in the newly renovated Granville Tavern and Motel. Valerie Horton

Tavern and motel transformed after renovations

WHEN James Wanless took over management of the Granville Tavern and Motel in January, he knew things weren't up to scratch.

Five months later, he's wiped the slate clean and is proud to re-open the doors of the now ultra-modernised venue.

"To be honest our staff weren't great and the kitchen was becoming ordinary because of our chefs," he said.

"I wanted to start over again and I've had time to employ the right people and think about things so now we have a great team in the kitchen."

On Friday, the tavern officially opened its games room as the first area of the renovation completed.

The enthusiasm of locals was a comforting surprise to Mr Wanless.

"It was like a pub crawl used it be when it was pumping," he said.

"We had live music, a barbecue and a pool competition."


Topless waitresses will also work at the tavern at least once a month.

Mr Wanless said those who frequented the games room would be shocked to find it equipped with the latest poker machines.

The kitchen area is expected to open on Monday and the entire renovation is set to be completed within a month.

"We relocated the gaming area so it's really modern and up to date and much bigger," Mr Wanless said.

"The beer garden will get a revamp, the outside of the hotel will be done and we got new floors through more or less the entire hotel."

To compliment the new look, a new menu is also on the way.

"We've kept the main products that are the most popular but added some items on there," he said.

"The menu used to be exactly the same as the menu at Westside Tavern and Motel (which is also owned by Mr Wanless) but now it's changed a bit.

"We've got great daily specials and great desserts and of course, friendly staff and service."

To contact Granville Tavern and Motel call 41213815.

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