Teen boot camp supported

A BOOT camp for troubled teens has been given the green light after the community rallied together to get behind the program, which was likely to be shut down due to lack of government funding.

Operation Hard Yakka gives at risk youths the chance to get back on track by taking part in a 28-day program aimed at arming them with life and social skills.

For the past 20 years Bob Davis has been trying to source government funding for the program, but despite its proven success rate, has been unsuccessful.

In the lead up to a community forum on October 19 Hard Yakka founder Bob Davis pleaded with members of the public to support the program in a last ditch effort to save it from collapsing.

He couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Mr Davis said more than 50 people turned up to the Susan River Homestead on the day of the forum to support the program and a private local had donated $10,000 from his own pocket.

The program is now moving forward and there are places for 21 participants each time the program runs.

Cost is $5000 per person, which covers meals, accommodation, training, uniforms and equipment for the full 28 days and 27 nights.

While he understands money can be an issue Mr Davis said sending at risk teens to boot camp was much cheaper than sending them to jail.

“It costs $8000 to transport a person under police escort to Brisbane from the Wide Bay and a minimum of $70,000 per year to keep them in detention,” Mr Davis said.

For more information email Mr Davis at bob@ozadventures.com.au

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