Teen suicide after parents wouldn’t let her go to party

A 14-year-old girl who committed suicide by jumping from her New York apartment building was upset over not being allowed to go to a friend's birthday party, sources have said.

The teenager leaped to her death from her bedroom window on the 15th floor of the Greenwich Village co-op after an argument with her parents, police sources told the New York Post.

The girl had recently gotten into trouble for shoplifting from a Barnes and Noble and a poor report from a parent-teacher conference earlier in the week, the sources said on Thursday (New York time).

After the argument with her parents on Wednesday afternoon over the birthday party - the girl locked herself into her room and then removed the screen from her window, according to the sources.

She plummeted from the Greenwich House at 54 W. 16th St. at about 4.50pm Wednesday, police said.

Her parents had desperately tried to pry open the bedroom door, but by the time they gained access to her room it was too late, sources said.

The girl landed on top of a scaffolding on Sixth Avenue and was declared dead at the scene.

- New York Post

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