Tennis squad puts in hard yards

THE JUNIOR tennis players of the Fraser Coat have been putting in the hard yards at Hervey Bay’s PCYC of late.

For the past six months, members of the AllStarr Tennis Academy’s elite squad have been training extra hard and taking their personal fitness levels to new heights, training at the PCYC under the guidance of Marty Bell.

The dedication and discipline of the students has been tested to the limit by the one to two hour training sessions, which are conducted every week on top of their normal training schedule.

Bell puts the squad though their paces with a combination of cardio and fitness building routines, including boxing, skipping, endurance runs, sprints, shuttle runs and extensive core workouts.

“The students have improved their fitness by leaps and bounds and the difference is evident on court,” Hervey Bay tennis coach Steve Starr said.

“Overall fitness and stamina has improved but there has been a huge difference in speed and agility.”

“We do over 500 sit-ups every session and a combination of cardio and strengthening sessions.

“Students have improved in strength, lost weight, taken minutes off endurance time trials and some have moved up four levels in the beep test.”

There was no rest for the elite side over the Christmas holidays – keen to keep up their new level of fitness, the students continued the intense training session, stopping only for one week over Christmas.

“The PCYC has proved to be the perfect training ground to complement our students’ on-court training.

“With footwork and court speed being such a valuable tool on court, I am excited to see this year’s on-court performances with this new level of fitness.”

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