Tensions run high over application

WITH a pull-no-punches press conference on the chamber doorstep, followed by an emotional cameo during the public participation section that preceded the meeting proper, Micky Souvlis set the scene for a dramatic marathon meeting on Tavistock Street yesterday.

It is four years since the plan to develop an iconic corner shop in Maryborough into a 21st Century shopping complex was hatched.

So a tablespoonful of tension was almost a pre-requisite as the odds and a lengthy list of planning conditions appeared to spell more trouble for the plan.

“I may as well hire a space shuttle and build a shopping complex on the moon,” Micky Souvlis said.

He outlined how “top dollar” had been paid for nearby homes to pave the way for the four-store site to be developed into a nine-outlet complex including Pizza Hut and Civic Video.

He said he had already spent $1.2 million on the plan.

“I’m not a school child. All I want is a common sense approach. We’re like a brown snake backed into a corner.

“I want to find out who’s in charge,” he raised the tension bar as his speech time ran low.

“Settle down,” Mayor Mick Kruger said. And the tension mounted.

“If the old council hadn’t approved this, we wouldn’t have gone down this track.”

“If you’re going to be like this, I’ll have to ask you sit down,” the mayor stood firm.

“Financially, we’re up the creek. Do you realise what this is doing to our family?”

“Are you finished?” Mr Kruger asked and after a pause Mr Souvlis said: “Yeah.”

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