Businessman: Test drinkers on way in to pubs and clubs

A BUSINESSMAN with lots to lose by a drop in drink-driving is pushing a plan to have mandatory breath tests of patrons before they enter clubs and pubs.

Charles Palmer, who holds a Sunshine Coast contract for installing alcohol interlock devices in the cars of high-range and repeat offender drink-drivers, said any patron who registered over 0.05 should be turned away from entering licensed establishments.

"The alcohol tester should be at the door. Everyone should be tested before they walk into the club - especially late at night - not when they are staggering out," Mr Palmer said.

"If they're sitting on 0.05 or above, they should not be allowed through the door."

The idea has the support of Les Libbesson, who has the national contract to supply the interlock systems.

"What you're doing is screening people before they get in, you're stopping people who get pre-loaded with half a bottle of whiskey before they come to the pub or club," Mr Libbesson said.

He said doormen relied on visual checks to determine if would-be patrons were drunk.

Drunken patrons who are turned away are just as likely to strike out violently at random pedestrians in anger. He claimed mandatory breath tests at club entrances would help reduce that problem.

"You can deter people from coming into town if they know there's pre-loading checks at the door," he said.

Should people with 0.05 blood/alcohol levels be turned away from pubs and clubs?

This poll ended on 19 April 2014.

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Sounds fair. They’ve had enough to drink already.


I’m not sure. What if they’re just going for a meal?


No way! It’s still a free country.


Alcohol should be banned all together.


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The machines also could be used at the bar to determine if patrons were too intoxicated to be served more alcohol.

Mr Palmer said the machines could make a difference to problems associated with alcohol abuse.

"No one begrudges you having a beer, but there is a cut-off point," he said.

"You could save lives, save the medical costs, you could save police resources standing out there in the night checking people."

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