Dr Shaun Rudd.
Dr Shaun Rudd.

Sexual health warning

SEXUAL health is just a text message away.

That is the message from sexual health consultant Karen McGill.

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and it is on the increase on the Fraser Coast.

In 2008, 129 people tested positive to Chlamydia on the Fraser Coast. So far this year, 150 people have tested positive and Ms McGill says it is essential that people take responsibility for their sexual health and that of their partners.

Contacting those who may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease is essential to stopping the spread of disease but, Ms McGill says, it can be awkward for people to notify previous and current partners about the risk.

“Partner notification is extremely important in controlling the spread of these diseases and reducing the risk of complications, particularly infertility in both men and women,” she said.

“Encouraging partner notification prevents patients who have been treated being re-infected and needing re-treatment.

“However, partner notification is voluntary and confidential and there are various ways we help a patient do this.

“This can be done anonymously by phone, by text and on a specially set-up website.”

Fraser Coast Medical Association president Shaun Rudd said it was also important to remind people that there was no such thing as safe sex – just safer sex, emphasising that there was no foolproof method of preventing infection.

He said he was not surprised that infection levels were rising and said it was disappointing that so many kids were becoming sexually active at a young age.

He was concerned that, despite the amount of education available about STIs, it seemed to be doing little to reduce the amount of people becoming infected.

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