Girls give blood first

THE BATTLE continues to rage as to whether boys or girls bleed best and with school visits to the Blood Bank now in full swing, there is plenty of fierce competition.

Blood bank spokesman Duncan Birt said history showed that when it came to giving blood, boys’ arms were often better because they usually had bigger, fatter veins.

And because many boys play vigorous contact sports they are often physically fit, making the donation process easier.

However boys don’t have it all their way as girls always volunteer first to roll their sleeves up.

“They see the need for blood much easier than boys and usually regard donating as something girls just do because it is so universally beneficial,” Mr Birt said.

With Fraser Coast high schools being co-educational, blood donation sessions are often highly competitive with the boys always trying to outdo the girls and bleed faster – and the more water they drink beforehand the better.

Every donation goes to saving three lives and the need for donated blood never goes away.

The demand for plasma is forecast to double over the coming years and everyone who gives blood or plasma makes an invaluable contribution to the overall health of our community.

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