POLICE BEAT: Thieves throw rock into glass sliding door


Dartmouth St, Torquay

BETWEEN 4pm on March 20 and midday on March 21, tried to gain entry to the front of the house.

This was unsuccessful and the offender/s took then a rock and threw it through the rear glass sliding door.

The offender/s then entered the house, and stole some cash.

Clarke St, Pialba

BETWEEN 9.30pm on March 21 and 5am on March 22 unknown offenders entered the second level of a two-storey house through a balcony door which was possibly unlocked.

They stolen a Samsung tablet and a beach bag which contained a purse with $70 in cash, various items including a Medicare card, driver's licence and credit cards.

There were no signs of forced entry.

Campbell St, Torquay

BETWEEN 8pm on March 21 and 7.15am on March 22 someone tried to gain entry to the front of the house through an open screen door however the front door was locked and secured.

The offenders went to the laundry and entered through an unlocked door.

Once inside they stole a mountain bike which was under a stairwell.

The offenders left the helmet and basket behind.

Property stolen included an electric blue and silver Northern Star Mountain Bike Electric which has a brown basket on the front, new black seat, new black & white bell, blue tyre caps which had a long electric blue chain lock and combination in the basket.

Tavistock St, Torquay

BETWEEN 3.10am and 3.15am on March 22 someone jumped a side fence and approached the rear window.

The offender/s tried to remove the screen causing damage to it.

They were disturbed by the informant who heard the noise and went downstairs and turned the light on.

Iindah Rd, Tinana

BETWEEN 2am and 6am on March 23 while the complainant was at work, someone entered a house through a master bedroom window.

Once inside the offenders let out the dog from inside.

They then left through a sliding door.

It is believed that no property was stolen.

Robert St, Torquay

ABOUT 2.45am an offender of Caucasian appearance wearing a black t-shirt and black long pants and light weight runners approached the single storey wooden house using a stolen bicycle which was left in the driveway of the premises.

They gained entry to the house by opening an unlatched, hinged, wooden framed window.

The offender was disturbed by the complainant who heard a loud bang on the outside of the house and got out of bed to see what had caused the noise.

The offender saw the complainant and fled through the entry point and ran away in a northerly direction along Robert St towards the Esplanade.

Banksia St, Urraween

BETWEEN 1.30am and 2am on March 23 someone entered though the rear pool fence on to the back patio and took a large quantity of alcohol from the back fridge.

The offender/s also took a packet of cigarettes and lighter from a table.



OVER the weekend of March 21-23 in Urangan, unknown offenders took the number plates from the rear of the vehicle Qld Rego 578KKO.

Swan View Ct, Toogoom

BETWEEN 9am on March 21 and 8.30am on March 24 someone stole the front number plate from a car.

The number plate is NSW registration BHE27B.

No suspects or witnesses


Cheapside St, Maryborough

BETWEEN 10pm on March 22 and 11am on March 23 unknown offenders threw a rock through the front window.

Commonwealth Bank Adelaide St, Maryborough

BETWEEN 5.15pm and 7.10pm on March 24 someone went to the external ATM attached to the Commonwealth Bank in Adelaide St, Maryborough.

They damaged the lens of a camera recording the ATM's CCTV footage before leaving the area

Graffiti Bunnings, Hervey Bay

BETWEEN 10pm on March 22 and 5.30am on March 24 unknown offenders went into the car park of Bunnings Warehouse and applied paint/other marking implement to several metal surfaces.

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