COAST CRIME: Thieves use garden ornament to smash window


Break and enter

Thieves used a garden ornament to smash open a window of a Leslie Ln home before rifling through drawers in the main bedroom and stealing an unknown amount of property.

The incident happened between 2.45 and 5pm, October 18.


Break and enter

Thieves struck early to steal an unknown amount of property from a Fraser Outlook Crt home on October 9.

They gained access through the back door and entered a number of rooms before making off.

The incident happened between 7.15 and 10.45am.


Break and enter

Vandals smashed open a window of a Border Crt home between 6.55am and 5pm on October 9. But the offenders did not enter the home or steal anything.


Steal from home

A thief who stole a bike from the front patio of an Alice St home escaped the owner's chase.

The robbery occurred at about 6.45am, October 9.

The bike was a blue and white coloured Diamond Back Bronco mountain bike.


Break and enter

A thief with a taste for games stole a console, controller and program from a Tristiania Cres home between 8am and 6pm on October 9.

A set of keys was also taken and the owner's television screen was left scratched.

It's not known how the offender entered.


Wilful damage

Brazen vandals took metal beams from the fence of a Hythe St home and damaged others.

The incident occurred between 8.30pm on October 10 and 7am the next day.

The victim was at home at the time.


Attempted steal from


Vandals damaged the paintwork and door panel of a car parked in an Elizabeth St carpark between 5pm, October 13 and 8am the next day. While the vandal was unsuccessful in gaining entry into the car, some of the interior was also damaged.

No property was stolen.


Break and enter

A guitar was stolen from a Cambridge St shed and paperwork rummaged through after offenders gained entry by forcing the lock.

The incident occurred between 7pm, October 8 and 8.45am the next day.

The offenders gained entry to the premises by cutting the chain which secured the perimeter fencing.


Break and enter

A jewellery thief stole valued treasure from the cupboards and drawers of a March St home between October 10 and October 12.

The thieves used force to open the home's door and damaged the lock.


Steal of bicycle

An unsecured black BMX bike left in a carpark at the rear of the Station Square Shopping Centre was stolen by a thief between 1 and 2.50pm, October 10.

The helmet was left behind.


Steal of bike

Another unsecured mountain bike, this time silver, was stolen from the carpark behind the Station Square Shopping Centre.

The theft happened between 8.30 and 10am, October 14.

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