The BRL’s points system to go under the microscope

COULD Bundaberg Rugby League benefit from a marquee player allowance?

The idea is one of several that will be tabled when BRL and club representatives meet at Salter Oval on Wednesday night.

A marquee allowance is seen as one way to attract ex-NRL and Intrust Super Cup-calibre players to the Wide Bay competition, while other suggestions include the publication of points and changes to the current limit.

Currently, players are allocated points based on what level of competition they have played, and every club is given a 70-point limit for games.

It is based on the NRL's salary cap, with the aim of keeping the competition equal.

Players nominated for marquee status would count as zero points towards each club's limits under the plan.

Hervey Bay Seagulls president Nathan McGrath was a vocal supporter of the points system, but conceded it had to be tweaked to ensure the long-term survival of the local competition.

Would the BRL benefit from a marquee player allowance?

This poll ended on 25 November 2015.

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Yes - it will attract bigger players to the region


Yes - it will close the gap between the best and worst teams


No - it will rob locals of the chance to play A-grade


No - it will widen the gap between clubs


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"The competition needs it but it has to reward loyalty, and give clubs an incentive to attract top-quality players," McGrath said.

"As it stands now you could have a kid who played Cyril Connell (Under-16) or Mal Meninga Cup (U18) and they'd be worth the same amount of points as a Q Cup player.

"It needs some tweaking."

Isis Devils president Kevin Grant suggested all player allocations be published to ensure all clubs knew where they stood.

"Teams need to be aware of points and they need to able to see where they are in relation in to others," Grant said.

"I know a few teams are keen on something like that."

McGrath threw his support behind publicising point allocations, and said he was open to standing on a committee consisting of independents and several BRL club presidents to decide how much each player is worth.

He also suggested the limit be raised from 70 to 90 points per team, per game, and backed the marquee player allowance for ex-NRL and ISC players who captain-coached their clubs.

"It will help the build the competition," he said.

"I think we need to put our clubs aside and think of the future."

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