Fraser Island.
Fraser Island.

State Govt have say on Fraser name

THE BUTCHULLA push to change the name of Fraser Island to k'gari (pronounced kgurri) will come down to the State Government.

The department of Environment and Resource Management runs most of the island hands-on.

“Fraser Island is predominately a National Park as it falls within Great Sandy National Park, however it does contain some areas of freehold, leasehold and reserve land,” James McNamara, DERM acting assistant director-general, Land and Indigenous Services, told the Chronicle yesterday.

“Areas which fall outside the Great Sandy National Park include the townships within Eurong and Happy Valley, the Kingfisher Bay Resort and the Dilli Village Reserve.”

Fraser Island is currently subject to a native title claim from the Butchulla – the original Butchulla claim has been replaced with this latest registration.

Some of the original applicants and claimants started in-fighting to the extent that Councillor Les MucKan, whose mother Dorothy MucKan was on the claim, said recently she began to feel “like a porcupine” from the back-stabbing.

Some of the applicants in this latest claim do not live on the Fraser Coast, but vouch that they are Butchulla.

“Proposals to develop land or waters on Fraser Island that would affect native title rights and interests would need to be addressed according to the Federal Native Title Act 1993,” Mr McNamara said.

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