Ambulance mystery remained under wraps for days

THE ambulance hurtled along the Lamington Bridge to Tinana.

It looked to be almost nudging the ute it was tailgating, as if it were a small child playing on the dodgem cars at a show.

Naturally, my first thought was, why isn't the ute moving for the ambulance?

Then I realised, it was getting dark and the ambulance had no lights on. No headlights, no emergency service lights, no sirens.

Most ambos would never drive dangerously, regardless of how urgently they need to get somewhere.

The ambulance, which was a few cars in front of me, was not only dangerously close to the ute in front of it, but it was swerving and running into the middle of the road.

I panicked - trying my hardest to stay away but desperately scared the vehicle had been stolen or a potential ambulance officer inside was in trouble.

I followed slowly from a distance, like other drivers.

Suddenly the driver of the ute, who seemed to have copped enough, pulled off the road.

The ambulance continued on, taking a sharp right onto Central Rd.

I continued along Gympie Rd, before safely stopping to dial 000.

The dispatcher told me other phone calls had come through and local police were aware of the situation.

Then the mystery began.

In the following days, police reporter Brittany Cook contacted various emergency services and no one could tell her anything about the incident.

On Thursday, I followed it up and I was met with the same lack of information from local authorities.

There was not even a record of my 000 call.

Eventually, both the police and ambulance media responded.

The QPS said police were investigating the alleged theft of a small quantity of drugs from an ambulance at Maryborough on Monday.

Officers were also looking into the driving of an ambulance on Alice St, after members of the public reported the vehicle driving erratically about 6.30pm.

Police said they had spoken to a local man and investigations were continuing.

A Queensland Ambulance representative said they were investigating and could not comment further.