Mayor's handbook on shelves

THE FRASER Coast mayor is expected to be strong and resolute, compassionate, open, honest, dignified and statesman-like.

But never try to “emulate the Hollywood spin of an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Angelina Jolie”.

And the art in your leadership style is to work out “when it is better to be John Wayne rather than Mother Teresa”.

According to the latest Mayor’s Handbook from the Local Government Association of Qld, Mick Kruger may still be on a learning curve.

The handbook that came off the Brisbane presses on Friday is a 32-page gem, warning mayors that while they might “outrun or outgun” their elected member colleagues for a period, inevitably “the posse” catches up with them and can be “unforgiving”.

When Mr Kruger chairs meetings he is expected to be “fair, firm and friendly”.

Mr Kruger exercises a power of direction over his CEO Andrew Brien. “Forge a practical and harmonious relationship with your CEO on day one, recognising he is not your political advisor, rather the manager of your council organisation.”

The book says the mayor will be required to lead by example and his actions will come under greater scrutiny than other elected members.

“Your private life will be on show as much as your role as mayor, especially in smaller communities. Be prepared for it.”

Councillors have a new handbook of 10 pages and includes a section on reporting to the CMC.

“There are clear penalties for anyone who adversely affects the career or personal safety of anyone who has given information to the commission.”

Councillors have the right to comment on matters of community concern to the media, speaking as individuals.

The handbooks will be on their way to the Fraser Coast Regional Council later this month.

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