The less you hear the more you'll like it

A WORD of advice about Abstract Nude: see it before you hear too much about it.

A colleague and I were lucky enough to sit in on this little gem during its opening night and were surprised and delighted by the witty and thought-provoking content.

I believe the less you hear about this off-beat production, the more you will enjoy the unpredictable narrative and the bevy of outrageous characters.

Hervey Bay playwright and actor Richard Yaxley, who takes a starring role, delivers a little play with a big heart.

It deals with complex and often controversial issues surrounding art, pornography, censorship and child exploitation but does so in an entertaining and humorous way that is easily digested.

Its themes not only have the power to evoke heated ethical debate but can also challenge the most ingrained of beliefs.

Boasting the word “nude” in the title, the big question everyone is dying to know is: Do the characters get their kits off?

I'm not going to say. You'll have to see for yourself.

That being said, I can tell you that the play is cheeky and scandalous and its generous use of a certain C-word (not the one you might think) probably makes it unsuitable for the young ones.

It is the audacious dialogue that makes you sit up and take notice rather than any flashy use of flesh.

Abstract Nude is directed by Jonathan Dunn and Cait McGann and centres around Rory (Yaxley), who finds a painting in the attic of his new home.

Yaxley's portrayal of confused but passionate Rory is endearing.

But it is Leon Anson's hilarious adaptation of Rory's best mate Cracker that steals the limelight.

And Val Grainger, who plays Rory's overbearing mother, will strike a chord with anyone who has ever cringed at something their parents have said or done.

But before I spoil the splendour, I must stop talking about the Nude.

And if anyone else approaches you and tries to shed light on its content, stop them.

Then take yourself straight to the Z-Pac theatre and see Abstract Nude for yourself.

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