‘The scum rots in hell’: Hannah’s dad’s fury

HANNAH Clarke's father has labelled her former husband a monster who will rot in hell for murdering his family.

"The scum rots in hell," Hannah's father Lloyd wrote on Facebook yesterday.

"He was a monster that only cared about himself, he might have said he cared & loved his children but I know it was always about him coming first. If he truly loved them he would not have killed his children in such a horrible way."


Rowan Baxter and Hannah Clarke
Rowan Baxter and Hannah Clarke



Dave Kramer
Dave Kramer


Lloyd's strong words were echoed by Rowan Baxter's former friend Dave Kramer, who expressed remorse for ever being associated with the family killer.

The tragedy has seen Baxter's friends turn on him, including his "gym family".

Mr Kramer, who trained at Ms Clarke and Baxter's gym, Interg8 & CrossFit SMC, said he was racked with guilt.

"I feel so guilty for caring for you because of what you have done, but I know that somehow and some way, this was preventable and you needed help," Mr Kramer wrote on Facebook.

"This is unforgivable, you have broken the hearts of so many, including mine, and through all of this I can't stop asking myself, what are we not already doing to stop this from happening again?"


Hannah Baxter with her kids and Dave Kramer
Hannah Baxter with her kids and Dave Kramer


Mr Kramer, who has taken the family's dog to stay with him, said he felt compelled to speak out about mental health and said he could not cope with losing Ms Clarke and children Laianah, Aaliyah, and Trey.

He called Ms Clarke "a pillar of strength to so many others".

"As I wake up this morning with their family dog lying in my bed, I realise this isn't just a nightmare, and all I can do is lay here, cuddle her and cry," Mr Kramer wrote.

"This is unbearable for me so I can't begin to imagine what you are going through Sue, Lloyd and Nat. I am absolutely heartbroken for you all."


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