The Fraser Coast Netball Development Squad 15 - 18 years.
The Fraser Coast Netball Development Squad 15 - 18 years. Valerie Horton

The squad where attitude means everything

ATTITUDE and behaviour.

They are the two vital ingredients behind every successful athlete, no matter the sport.

And they are the two things representative coach Kerrianne Farrelly wants to drill into local netballers.

Farrelly is currently leading the Fraser Coast Netball Development Squad, an elite-style program aimed at athletes who will soon start take their biggest steps towards high-level teams.

The 12-player groups, split into 12-14 and 15-18 years, will benefit from one-on-one coaching targeted at netball players who have the right attitude, and display the right behaviour.

"We can teach skills and fitness,” Farrelly said.

"This is about them understanding that attitude and behaviours count for so much in sport. All the way through this training I'll be throwing that to them.

"It's not about fit or skilful enough, it's about how mentally strong they are.”

Attitude and behaviour are among the key attributes Netball Queensland coaches and selectors look for when they select state teams.

Farrelly, the 19-and-unders state assistant coach, said this program brought a service regularly available to players in capitals cities, and delivered it to the Coast.

"They have these happening in own clubs, let alone their own associations and regions,” Farrelly said.

"I wanted to grab as many girls as possible but keep it focused on individuals.”

It is not just players who will benefit.

Aspiring coaches like Soraya Drake and Jodie Cain, both of whom are mentored by Farrelly, will learn exactly what they need to progress to representative level coaching.

"As coaches who are being mentored by an advanced level coach from NQ, we are lucky for the opportunity,” Drake said. "We want to see Hervey Bay Netball go forward. My goal immediately is to improve my coaching and go towards representative coaching.”

The girls are one week into the three-week program. Players will be individually assessed by the final week, which will help accelerate development.

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