Thieves blinded by love during days-long crime spree

A COUPLE in love seemed blind to the law during a stealing spree at several Gympie schools last month, Gympie Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

The pair, 20-year-old Jamie-Lee William Deacon and his partner Tamika Loree Horan, 18, began the spree in Coolum, where, the court heard, the pair stole and damaged two mopeds; one on August 6 and one on August 17.

The court heard their focus turned to three Gympie schools on August 22 and 29.

After a failed attempt to break into One Mile State School by removing louvres about August 17, the pair returned to the school, stole digital cameras and numerous USB drives and abused police via graffiti on a concrete slab.

The court heard the pair entered an open classroom at Gympie Special School and stole a backpack, $20 and an acoustic guitar after targeting the Edmund Rice Flexible Learning Centre by breaking into a building and stealing a laptop computer.

While there was disagreement around which of the parties committed certain thefts, both pleaded guilty to the offences.

Horan, of Gympie, pleaded guilty on Monday to nine charges and was sentenced to six months' probation, 40 hours' community service and ordered to pay $1220 restitution.

Deacon, who was dealt with from custody yesterday, pleaded guilty to more than 20 charges, some of which were unrelated to the duo's crime spree.

The additional charges included breaching a domestic violence order, six traffic offences and obstructing police by running away from officers who pulled him over after driving on Ashford Rd on April 4.

Deacon, of Gympie, received a 12-month prison sentence for the domestic violence breach, after the court heard he sent more than 400 text messages, many abusive, to an ex-girlfriend whom he was ordered not to contact.

The court heard the offence came after Deacon had served jail time in 2011 for threatening violence to the woman, whom Deacon yesterday alleged would not leave him alone.

Deacon was sentenced to an array of penalties including suspended jail terms, probation and fines, but will ultimately serve seven months of a 16-month jail term. He will be eligible for parole on April 16, 2014.

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