COMMENT: NRL rematch tickets are expensive but worth it

WHEN I first heard how much it would cost to watch the NRL grand final rematch in Bundaberg I spat my Milo across the room.

At $40 a pop for general admission, it would be cheaper, and potentially more enjoyable, for me to buy a ticket at Suncorp Stadium with family and friends.

Don't get me started on the $90 grandstand tickets.

But after taking the time to talk to Bundaberg Rugby League president Mike Ireland to understand how prices were decided, I don't think they are as bad as it sounded.

The BRL must cover costs to make this potentially once-in-a-lifetime event happen.

To secure an NRL trial game is big itself.

Do you think the tickets are too expensive? Join the conversation below.

For it to be the first time Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys meet after playing the first all-Queensland NRL grand final is remarkable.

On Wednesday night I tweeted that I would rather put my money towards going to Townsville when they play during the 2016 season, and while that will still be an incredible experience I've relaxed my view.

So many people are quick to bash the BRL for matters big and small.

Whether it is to hammer players' and crowd discipline, scheduling, fixtures, food prices at local games - nothing is sacred when it comes to bashing the BRL.

This is an opportunity for the BRL to be applauded for not only reinvigorating interest in Wide Bay rugby league, but to also lure an event of this magnitude to our backyard.

Fraser Coast fans will have to travel to see the game, but there is every chance this game could spur our local clubs or council to lobby for a similar event.

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