Tim Lawson

Letter to the Editor 26/04/16
Congratulations to the ARM and the News Mail for the headline in Saturday’s paper. (Fight for our future)
Congratulations also to Bundaberg’s new Mayor and Council for getting right behind it as well.
Regional Australia is! Getting ripped off! And we have been for years. If we don’t fight for our future, who is going to?
Regional Australia has to demand a fair go. Enough is enough. As pointed out, we die earlier, are less educated and have fewer job prospects.
As the editor says. “Our investigations as part of the Fair Go for Regional Australia campaign prove significant underspending in the regions by successive governments. It is a disgrace. It disadvantages us.”
He has hit the nail on the head. Nobody is in there batting for us, and this couldn’t be truer than in the seat of Hinkler. We are not just Bundaberg, We are not just Hervey Bay, we are not just Childers, Howard, Woodgate and Burrum Heads and all places in-between. We are a village and as a whole we have so much to offer.
A lot of regional Australia is in the same position as we are and it is more important than ever to have someone fighting for us because it is “I’m sorry to say” a very completive market.. As regional Australia we have to fight for every cent we can.
For 22 of the last 25 years we have been represented by either the National Party or the LNP. The leadership and commitment to watching the back of the locals is just not there.
Where is the political will?
It is time for a change. Enough is enough.
Bundaberg and Hervey Bay have both elected new Mayors and there are a lot of new faces on Council as well. This signals to me that the people of Hinkler are open to more forward thinking and progressive leaders that will fight tooth and nail to get a Fair Go for our areas. What is required now, is a new Federal Member that will work with the Local Councils and State Government and will actively pursue opportunities to make our area great again.
In 10 weeks time, the people of Hinkler will be asked to make a choice. A choice between getting the same old same old, or giving someone else a go. They have had a fair run and it’s time for a change
Tim Lawson
Labor Candidate for Hinkler

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